The Art of Protecting Value Drivers

How to Best Extract and Protect an M&A Deal’s Key Value Drivers

An M&A Science Podcast

Hosted by Kison Patel

Value drivers are the reason why you buy the company. Is it the people? Is it the assets? The IP? The sales acceleration? Or is it the consolidation? What really drives value for the deal? Understanding that is key to success.

On this Episode

Kison speaks with Jai Sundararaman, the Vice President of Business Transformation at Intertape Polymer Group (IPG). Jai, previously an M&A Integration Director at Dell, now leads and develops IPG’s integration and transformation initiatives. IPG’s strong record of acquisitions enabled Jai to manage more than $300 million in capital investments.

During this episode, Jai discusses the best strategies for identifying, extracting and protecting value drivers during the due diligence process and most importantly, while conducting integration post-close. Jai and Kison explain the best ways to research and uncover value drivers as well as how to implement a system of checks and balances for successful integration of the defined value drivers.

This episode covers the importance of and strategies behind defining and protecting value drivers for more successful and innovative deals.


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