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A Partnership Built for Success

We’d look good as a team. Accomplishing more together means delighting our customers with the best services, technology, and experience they deserve.
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Why You Should Partner with DealRoom

The time has come to overhaul a secretive and disconnected industry. That is why we’re breaking open the enigmatic box of M&A. Our unique portfolio offerings aim to standardize the M&A process through uniting education, technology, and community. By connecting practitioners and ideas, we can open the door to better M&A. Join us on our mission to build a world-class M&A community.

For Advisory and Consulting Partners


Through joint methodologies, training, and practice, more expertise and value is delivered to customers.

Extending Your Expertise

Land your best practices in our Playbooks Marketplace to monetize what you already do best.

Enhancing Our Industry

M&A is constantly changing. Through our partnership, we can optimize our reach to audiences who want and need your services.

For OEM Software Partners

Platform-to-Platform Integration

Build with us to bring more connectedness between platforms, creating more efficiency and value for our customers.

Expanding Our Value

Together, we can build better functionality that delivers synergy without the headache of integration complexity.

Innovation For Our Customers

Joint roadmapping is a broader approach to showcasing and sharing the new features that will change our industry.

For Referral and Reseller Partners


We offer one of the more generous referral fee structures in the market today.


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With this partnership, we are expanding our commitment to offering unmatched choice and flexibility. The M&A industry has done a lot of things the same for a very long time. Together, we get to create a movement for change.”
Kison Patel
CEO, Founder of DealRoom

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