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The best partner program in the industry. DealRoom pays out 40% commissions to resellers and 20% for referrals.

Become a Reseller Partner

Interested in learning more about becoming a reseller partner for DealRoom’s project management and virtual data room software?

As a reseller partner, you’ll receive exclusive reseller resources and training. You will have 24/7 access to co-branded material, fully designed one pagers, and have the opportunity to sell additional services. Our customer success team will manage all client on-boarding, training, questions, and support once the room opens.

We offer 40% Lifetime commission for reseller partners.
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Become a Referral Partner

Learn more about becoming a referral partner for DealRoom’s innovative and unique M&A software.

As a referral partner, you’ll have access to exclusive sales resources, co-branded material, and training to help you increase revenue per client and raise client retention. You will have a partner feature in our webinar series and on the DealRoom website, as well as the opportunity to sell additional resources. Once a room opens, our customer success team will manage all onboarding and support.

We offer 20% Lifetime commission for referral partners.

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