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"Before DealRoom, a lot of opportunities got left on the table. We’re now able to follow up confidentially and report on deals with unmatched efficiency."
Matt Arsenault
VP of Corporate Development, Jamf
"Clear definition of ownership and accountability throughout the process led us to reducing the time needed to integrate from 1 year to 3 months"
Will Olsen
Corporate Development, FBN
"The software speaks for itself. We've gained back 4 hours per day and cut time spent in Excel by 50%. It's been seamless from both a product and service standpoint."
Zack Mueller
Corporate Development, Paylocity

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+10,000 businesses prefer DealRoom to move deals forward

Completes integrations 4 months faster

DealRoom increases team efficiency at Paylocity by 86% after replacing excel trackers and it’s unreliable formulas to track deals and enhances integration speed.

Removes 10+ disconnected tools

AppHub replaces multiple tools with a single source of truth, allowing for repeatable & scalable M&A framework, causing less confusion and redundancies amongst all parties using the platform.

Cuts deal timelines in half

The entire team tracks, collaborates and manages tasks in DealRoom. Replacing multiple tools led to cutting deal times in half

DealRoom Supports you across all stages of the deal

Purpose-built for dealmakers, DealRoom offers the full range of M&A capabilities all in one place. Benefits from using the applications and capabilities accumulate as processes evolve from one deal to the next.

Navigate End-to-End M&A Effortlessly

From marketing to integration, DealRoom offers catered solutions for every role and experience

Single Project

Stay organized while simultaneously managing multiple deals. Manage tasks, process.
Organize, manage, and create an accelerated due diligence process.
Top use cases:
  • Buy-side M&A Management
  • Sell-side M&A Management
  • Due Diligence


Deal origination management, ideal for 0-1 acquisitions/yr.
Stay organized, on schedule, and informed at all times while simultaneously managing multiple deals
Top use cases:
  • Visible & Actionable Pipeline Info
  • Target Company Mgmt & Tracking
  • Deal Progress Analytics & Communication

Execution Suite

Stay organized while simultaneously managing multiple deals. Manage tasks, process.
Manage sizeable pipeline, execute deals, and manage integration post close
Top use cases:
  • Pipeline Management
  • Diligence Management
  • Integration Management