DealRoom Pipeline

Reduce manual tasks, cross team confusion, and slow deal velocity with one intuitive tool to manage all deal targets.

Trusted by the world’s leading M&A practitioners

“The platform is simple and doesn't try to over-complicate the workflow for M&A pipeline management.”
Matt Arsenault
VP of Corporate Development, JAMF

Pipeline features

Customizable fields & phases

Mold the platform to meet your unique needs so that the information you need to capture & report on is easily accessible.

Import & export templates

Easily create a template in DealRoom and augment it with your data, or import your own template and automatically leverage it.

Deal tasks

Ensure that important next steps don't fall through the cracks by creating, assigning, and alerting team members of deal tasks.

Multi-view dashboard

Visually format your pipeline in the way that meets your team preferences - table, timeline, or board.

BI Reporting

Get real-time insight into the state of your team's work and everything you need to take action-without leaving DealRoom.
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