DealRoom Pipeline

Streamline pipeline target curation and management to drive deal velocity

Accelerate deal velocity with a single, intuitive product for managing your pipeline conversations, tasks, and reporting.
DealRoom Pipeline Management Interface
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Save hours per day

End the time-consuming juggle between spreadsheets, documents, and emails for every pipeline deal  with one unified solution.
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Collaborate seamlessly

Expose interdependencies and ensure the right team members have access to only relevant information and tasks.
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Accelerate deal velocity

Facilitate cross-team alignment and task management on key targets to expedite the process of closing deals.

Say goodbye to disparate pipeline management in excel

The old way

Excel Table screenshot showing the old way of working with Pipeline integration

Fragmented data

Deal Information scatters across multiple spreadsheets, leading to inefficiencies in data management.

Siloed workstreams

Isolated teams hinder collaborative information exchange and synergy.

Manual reporting

Time-consuming report generation slows down decision making.

Screenshot of modern DealRoom Interface facilitation Pipeline Integration Excel Table screenshot showing the old way of working with Pipeline integration

The DealRoom way

Screenshot of modern DealRoom Interface facilitation Pipeline Integration

Centralized data hub

Unify all crucial deal data seamlessly in one accessible, secure location.

Enhanced collaboration

Ensure team alignment and efficiency with real-time sharing of updates.

Automated reporting

Enable quick and accurate pipeline report creation & distribution.

Centralize all deal information and communication

DealRoom Pipeline enables you to centralize all deal management workflows, empowering you to effortlessly organize all deal-related documents, communication, and tasks in one secure platform.

Manage deal targets

Quickly access, manage, and track all pipeline deals at a glance.
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Personalize the pipeline

Capture information with custom fields tailored to your business needs.
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Add contacts

Seamlessly add contacts involved in the deal for enhanced collaboration.
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Centralize deal documents

Securely store and retrieve crucial documentation from the early stages of deals.
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Record deal notes

Securely document every deal detail, insight, and conversation to keep the team informed at each stage of the deal.
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Centralize email communication

Upload all deal-specific emails into the platform with just one-click.
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“Before DealRoom, there were a lot of opportunities that got left on the table because we didn't track and follow up appropriately, or we just didn't have the time and space, as we were still building out reports to give to executives on the last deal.”
Matt Arsenault
VP of Corporate Development at Jamf
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Optimize your pipeline: elevate visibility, efficiency, and security

Visualize the big picture

Get an instant snapshot of your pipeline's progress across various deal stages for informed decision-making.

Used to excel views? We’ve got you covered

Dive into the specifics using a table view that organizes deal information for easy access and thorough analysis.

Tailor pipeline views

Personalize pipeline views for stakeholder's unique needs, aiding rapid & easy access to relevant information.

Access management across teams

Customize access to ensure team members only view and edit deals relevant to their roles, boosting security.

Drive strategic decisions with
BI reporting & insights

Analyze your pipeline with dashboards

Instantly create comprehensive dashboards for a strategic overview of all deal activities in your pipeline.

Monitor deal funnel progress

Gain detailed insights into each stage of your deal's lifecycle with detailed funnel visualization.

Save 10+ hrs a week with automated reporting

Automate report delivery to internal and external stakeholders, saving time by eliminating manual efforts.

DealRoom M&A Optimization Platform

Each product within our platform empowers M&A teams to optimize their practice in different ways.  While exceptional alone, teams see the time and cost savings when they are used together.

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Unlock greater, consistent opportunities for inorganic growth.
Eliminate the need to switch between disparate tools and expedite workflow processes.
Consolidate all your deal data securely in a single, purpose-built M&A platform.

DealRoom Pipeline

Curate and manage deal flow efficiently with a unified view of all targets, data, and communications.
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DealRoom Diligence

Centrally run your due diligence process without disparate tools,  increasing team alignment & vastly reducing manual tasks.
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DealRoom Integration

Simplify post-merger integration, enabling effective collaboration to maximize synergy realization and value creation.
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Frequently asked questions

What is DealRoom Pipeline?

DealRoom Pipeline is a comprehensive M&A deal pipeline management product designed to streamline the management of your entire deal lifecycle. It provides a centralized platform for organizing all your deal-related documents, communication, tasks, and reporting. With DealRoom Pipeline, you can efficiently manage your pipeline from target identification to deal closure, all in one intuitive solution.

Can I customize the stages in the Pipeline to match our internal workflow?

Yes, DealRoom Pipeline offers customizable fields and phases, allowing you to tailor the platform to meet the specific requirements of your internal workflow. You can mold the platform to capture and report on the information that is most relevant to your organization, ensuring that it aligns seamlessly with your existing processes.

Is it possible to assign tasks or reminders within the Pipeline?

Absolutely. DealRoom Pipeline enables you to create and assign forward-facing tasks with real-time notifications. This feature ensures that important next steps are not overlooked, providing you with the ability to stay on top of your deal tasks and deadlines effectively.

Can I collaborate with team members on deals within the Pipeline?

Yes, collaboration is a key aspect of DealRoom Pipeline. You can seamlessly collaborate with team members on deals by sharing information, assigning tasks, and communicating directly within the platform. This fosters efficient team collaboration, ensuring that everyone involved in the deal is aligned and informed throughout the process.

Is it possible to purchase only the pipeline product?

Yes, you can purchase DealRoom Pipeline product as a standalone product. However, for added benefits and enhanced capabilities, you may also consider integrating it with DealRoom’s diligence and integration products. To explore our pricing options, please visit our pricing page here.

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