At DealRoom, our mission is to be a trusted partner, advocating for both the well-being of our employees and the achievement of our company's vision. We are dedicated to cultivating a thriving workplace where every individual's potential is recognized, nurtured, and empowered.

Our Values

Deliver the Wow

Deliver the Wow

We always WOW our customers, partners, and teammates. How? By being faster - faster to respond, faster to plan, and faster to execute. By pushing for continuous improvement, innovation, and growth in everything we do. And by disrupting the status quo (in a good way) to deliver solutions and experiences that WOW.

Be Kind and Direct

Be Kind and Direct

We are a team. We trust, support, and care deeply about each other. We assume positive intent. We collaborate, debate, and disagree and commit. We treat each other the way we ourselves would want to be treated (golden rule). And being kind also means we are open, honest, and direct with one another at all times by communicating with radical candor.

Own It

Own It

We take pride in what we do and our desire to win. We love being accountable for delivering results - and when we encounter obstacles, we always find a way. We have fun and get shit done. We’re smart about how we spend our time and money (frugal, not cheap). And we operate with the greater good of our customers and the company in mind.
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Benefits of working at DealRoom

Remote friendly

Our team can enjoy flexibility while working remotely from anywhere in the world


Comprehensive medical, dental, vision, & 401k plans

Continuous learning

We encourage leading with curiosity and support various learning opportunities to enhance your skills

Feedback culture

Constructive feedback is valued and used as a tool for growth


We respect, trust, and empower our team to make decisions


Collaboration with international colleagues and cross country teams


We celebrate & embrace diversity in all of its forms including race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, disabilities, and more. We ensure that every member of our team has equal access to opportunities, resources, and career advancement, regardless of their background

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