Secure & Fast Virtual Data Room for Investment Banking

Efficiently collect, organize and securely share all necessary financial and operational documentation needed for due diligence during M&A, fundraising and other financial transactions or partnerships.

Investment Banks Use DealRoom For:

Sell-Side M&A
Buy-Side M&A
Raising Capital
Strategic Partnerships
Rights Issues

Solutions For Investment Banking

Have a better process from day one. DealRoom creates value for not just document collection, but the deal’s entire lifecycle, including due diligence & post-close integration.
Sell-Side M&A

Manage sell-side M&A due diligence more efficiently than ever before. Use drag-and-drop, requests, smart search, and other features to speed up due diligence by up to 40%.

Buy-Side M&A

Store sensitive information in an organized and easily accessible way. Potential sellers can be invited into the room and you can specify exactly what they have access to.

Joint Ventures

Ensure that due diligence will be a smooth and thorough process. DealRoom’s platform makes it easier for teams to find the right partner to trust for joint ventures.

Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Manage any disclosure-intensive process, such as bankruptcy and restructuring, using our innovative VDR. Admins can set very specific user and file permissions for necessary third parties.

Equity Fundraising

Provide potential investors with the access they need. Your team can upload, share, transfer, and even communicate with potential investors all within the platform.

Strategic Partnerships

Organize and streamline all strategic partnership efforts using DealRoom. The platform’s analytics gives teams insight on who has been accessing what, which enables confident decision making.


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Overcome Your Biggest Challenges

Secure Documents Sharing & Collaboration

All sensitive deal information and files are secure within our data rooms. This allows teams to collaborate with an ease of mind.

Setting Up a Data Room Quickly

Users can have a room up and running within ten minutes. Set permissions, import templates, and assign roles all with the click of a button.

Lack of Control on Visibility

DealRoom’s permissions are simple and easy to adjust. Simply pick from view, download, download original, and edit.

Cost Overages

The days of high invoices with thousands of overages charges are over. DealRoom’s all inclusive, flat-rate pricing ensures that there are no hidden surprises.

User and Storage limits

Never worry about counting pages or users again. Our investment banking data rooms come with unlimited users and data.

Diligence to Integration Knowledge Chasm

Access to knowledge captured in diligence helps integration teams save time and improve execution.

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How DealRoom Helps Investment Banks and Will Help You Too

secure documents storage

Simple and Swift 10-min Data Room Setup

Our team will have your room open and ready for users within 10 minutes, and there is no training required. If desired, you are also assigned a customer success manager that can walk your team through onboarding and training.

Uncompromising Security

The platform comes equipped with top security features. DealRoom has strict ID protocol, customizable allowances, two-factor authentication, data siloing in private cloud servers, encrypted data, and more, to ensure your data is 100% secure.

due diligence process

Productive Diligence Process

Since DealRoom combines diligence management with a VDR, users can answer diligence requests without leaving the platform. All diligence requests can have a designated assignee, follower, reviewer, start date, end date, and more. Requests can be completed easily using drag-and-drop capabilities and relevant users will get a notification when a request is marked as done.

Streamlined Deal Process

Teams can utilize the requests feature for due diligence requests, which keeps everything on one centralized platform. By eliminating the need for Excel trackers, DealRoom allows teams to have a streamlined deal process.

deal analytics
banking room

Value, at an Affordable Cost

Our platform offers valuable project and pipeline management, and includes a state-of-the-art VDR, at a price that makes sense. Unlimited users, unlimited data, and no overage fees, all for a one-time flat rate.

Here’s How DealRoom's Data Room Works

Our investment banking software helps you and your team have a better process from day one. Our software is designed to provide value for not just document collection, but the deal’s entire lifecycle, including post-close integration.

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What Makes DealRoom’s Virtual Data Room Different?

Why settle for a traditional VDR that only stores data while you can create a more efficient deal workflow for your team and your clients?
Real-time Updates

Everything in the virtual data room, including files and documents, are updated in real-time, preventing version control worries.

Request Tab

With the request tab, users can attach files, add comments, and ask questions to the appropriate person.

Request Analytics

When all diligence goes through the data room, teams capture insightful data such as buyer engagement. Analytics are captured on every item inside the platform.

Workflow Delegation

Easily assign responsibilities during diligence so nothing gets overlooked and to prevent duplicate work. Roles can be updated at any time should team members be added or removed.

Sharing and Transferring Files

You can safely share and transfer any file type. Users can quickly find all files within the room using the live-linking site map.

Secure Location

We are hosted on AWS, the number one trusted cloud computing platform. Our platform includes strict ID protocol, two-factor authentication and more, to keep all information confidential.

"We loved the ability to loop in constituents from a variety of places to see only what they needed to see, as well as the granular level of visibility and control that made monitoring and compliance as pain-free as possible. Simple and intuitive, DealRoom's interface made sharing and facilitating a breeze."
Michael M. | Analyst

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Dealroom Overview


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