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DealRoom’s M&A management software & tools empower communication, delegation, and accountability.

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Aggregate and manage your M&A projects efficiently

Track every aspect of your project so there’s no more back and forth between different programs and platforms.

Complete due diligence up 40% faster

Eliminate the need for Excel trackers so you can finally say goodbye to stressing about version control and inconvenience.

Communicate with team members and external parties on one platform

Provide access to everyone involved on the project, from integral team members to external consultants for totally cohesive collaboration.

Manage diligence documents in one secure place

DealRoom has been designed tools to facilitate even the most challenging due diligence processes, whatever the requirements for document storage and distribution.

Assign responsibilities and track progress

Gain a better understanding of where you are on your project timeline by assigning individual or group responsibilities and tracking progress on different workflows.

Group teams around workflows

Assign individuals to teams and then group those teams around workflows to ensure relevant expertise is assigned to the most challenging tasks.

Communicate on requests eliminating emails

Speed up your project progress for a more streamlined communications experience by utilizing comments threads on specific tasks.

Integrate with tools you already use

DealRoom can integrate with modern and useful M&A tools to further create a central hub for collaboration.

Incredible project management features and unlimited volume on a monthly subscription!

The platform is great. It offers an exclusive feature so I can upload and manage request list! It is easy to use and I have no headaches about additional volumes, since they offer unlimited volume.

Patrick Wilhem
Senior Associate

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