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If there ever was an industry that needed project management software, it would be M&A. DealRoom's M&A PM software & tools empowers communication, delegation, and accountability.

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Here’s How DealRoom's M&A Software Works

An M&A Project Management Software for Every Party Involved in an M&A Deal

Project management software is beneficial to all parties involved in M&A deals, whether it be the management team, buyers, sells, or other third parties. It creates efficient workflows and an overall synchronized process.

M&A Tools for Corporate M&A

We typically ask deal teams two simple questions. “How do you keep track of the deals you are working on?" And, “How does your team know who is responsible for what?” Most teams respond with word of mouth, one-off emails, or their own personal check list. Unfortunately, these tactics often create limited transparency, work silos, and disorganization, that leads to duplicate work.

This is why the world of M&A needs project management.

M&A software tools provides clarity, accountability, communication, collaboration, and many other benefits to the deal process. In corporate M&A, there are so many parties involved in a deal’s life cycle and DealRoom’s M&A tools provide them with a way to all contribute to the process in an organized way. If a team has more than one deal they are working on at a time, the software can house every deal. This eliminates the use of multiple software and switching between platforms.

Mergers and Acquisitions Project Management for Software and Technology Professionals

Agile originally stemmed from the software and technology world as a new methodology to follow when developing, instead of the traditional Waterfall methodology. Agile M&A project management software is designed to help software and technology development teams move swiftly and keep teams’ projects on track, without leaving other teams behind on progress.

DealRoom M&A tools can assist with product development, risk mitigation, and program management. It encourages flexible control, progress status clarity, all while being simple to use and update.

It helps team members remember small critical details, while never losing sight of the big picture. Our goal is to empower teams to move quickly while staying organized. Whether you are trying to improve bugs, spot potential risks, or develop the next big “thing”, DealRoom M&A software tools can help.

M&A Tools for Healthcare Professionals

Our HIPPA-compliant M&A management software assists healthcare professionals with providing better service. In an industry where timing is everything, healthcare teams need to be able to access information quickly and digitally. Due to the highly confidential nature of patients’ information, data needs to be stored in a secure location.

DealRoom’s project management software creates a single place for healthcare professionals to collaborate, supervise, and store any healthcare related confidential content.

We also ensure that you are maintaining compliance and meeting industry standards such as HIPPA. Our software can improve second opinion management, streamline consent, enhance care coordination, speed up research, and more. Is your healthcare team ready to improve patient care and case management?

M&A Tools for Business Professional or Professional Services

No matter what type of company, no matter the industry, everyone benefits from Agile project management. Because of technology advances, our work and communication is traditionally spread across multiple channels, software, and M&A platforms. Often, this creates a lack of visibility between teams, unorganization, and duplicate work, especially in larger companies.

M&A project management software brings everyone on the same page.

It saves time, creates transparency, and can be used for internal management. It can also be used for external client management and assist with onboarding and training. It is a one-stop-shop for secure document storage and sharing, communication, and team workflows. At the end of the day, the more efficient your internal process is, the more effective your company can be to its end users.

M&A Management Software That Helps From Identification To Integration

DealRoom’s M&A software tools request tab is one of the key features that sets us apart from our competitors. It eliminates the need for Excel trackers so you can finally say goodbye to stressing about version control. Think of the request tab as an interactive checklist that can be applied to every stage of a deal’s life cycle, not just due diligence.

Comment, upload, tag, assign, and more, using the request feature.

deal process
deal workflows

Group Teams Around Workflows Using M&A Management Tools

Requests can be separated into specific, customizable groups. For example, you can group together all requests related to financial information, or maybe you want to gather all diligence regarding intellectual property. This ability keeps everything organized and easy to find.

You can also filter requests by assignee, reviewer, creator, status, and more.

M&A Tools for Immediate Insightful Progress Reports

Data is everything. The analytics tab shows users all the data collected on request and document activity, as well as a detailed audit log. You can filter by date, group, list, priority, status, and more. For example, teams can know which buyers are the most engaged, or perhaps, there are a handful of documents that spark particular interest.

This way, teams have a bird’s eye view of everything going on in the M&A management platform.

deal progress analytics

Dealroom M&A Project Management Advantages

Secure File and Document Sharing

Nothing is worse than searching through your inbox for an attachment or conversation when you’re pressed for time. But how does being able to upload files, share documents, and have organized dialogue all in one secure place sound? M&A software tools provides a one-stop-shop to share and transfer files and documents in a safe way. It also enables quick feedback.

Internal and Deal Management

With our M&A management system, you can manage internal work, as well as multiple deals at a time. Our pipeline feature keeps each deal separate and organized. Each deal can have its own separate room, where teams can create a staging folder, complete due diligence, fulfill buyer requests, store data, and anything else you need to do during the deal’s lifecycle.

Workflow Delegation

Never hear “Oh, I thought (insert coworkers name) was doing it” again. M&A project management software ensures that everyone is aware of their own individual responsibilities, when someone else is spearheading a task, and where additional help is needed. This prevents gaps in the workflow and duplicate work, and encourages collaboration when needed.

Accelerate Workflow Across All Fronts With Our M&A Software Tools

At DealRoom, we want our customers to have the best digital experience possible, even with services that go beyond our direct realms. That’s why we choose to integrate with additional software platforms that are leaders within their industry such as Slack, Salesforce, and Office 365. With DealRoom, your entire process becomes seamless.

Innovative Smart Technology to Save Time

Drag and drop files upload

DealRoom’s drag and drop capabilities allow users to upload bulk items, rearrange the data index, and move files into different folders, all within seconds.

Version control

Whenever you click on a document you get the most updated version due to live linking documents, preventing all version control struggles.

Slack Integration

We integrate with Slack, an innovative, cloud-based communication tool that enables convenient team collaboration.


Assign requests to individuals or multiple users with the click of a button, and they will be notified upon assignment.

Customizable Statuses

Users can customize status options to what meets their team's needs, and quickly filter requests via status.

Progress Management

This tab allows users to have a bird’s eye view of requests’ progress, (organized by category) and easily see overdue requests.

Diligence Management

Forget Excel trackers, lengthy threads, email attachments. All diligence management can go through the platform.

Pipeline Management

Handling more than one deal at a time? No problem! Have multiple deals within the platform, without compromising organization.

Post-Merger Integration Management

Why recollect all data and information critical to post-close success? DealRoom (and your hard work) doesn’t have to go away when the deal closes.

Internal Project Management

DealRoom can be used for more than active deals. It can be used as an overall internal project management tracker.

" I like the organization features of DealRoom's software for mergers and acquisitions project management, including the request feature and the ability to upload documents/responses to each request and mark the progress of each request. This is very helpful when having to track the progress of multiple requests and alleviates the need for a separate request list."
Patrick Wilhem, Senior Associate

All Inclusive Pricing

No matter what size business you are, we have a plan that will work for you. Our M&A project management platform includes diligence, integration, and project management, as well as a full feature data room and a dedicate success manager.

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