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Professionals working in life science organizations need a secure place to store data, but also a way to manage workflows. That’s where DealRoom steps in.

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One powerful platform. Many uses

Clinical Trials

Securely upload and share large files and keep track of CRO communications before and during clinical trials.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Keep M&A transactions moving and streamline due diligence process.

Strategic Biotech IPO

Prepare your information in line with industry best practice as you explore going public.


Securely share large volumes of confidential information with potential investors, lenders, auditors, and limited partners easier and faster.


Whether you’re licensing innovations to or from another party, a DealRoom data room allows you to be ready for any opportunity.


Keep track of auditors’ questions with our built-in requests feature so nothing gets missed.

Biotech and pharma companies need more than just a data room

DealRoom’s project management software with built-in virtual data room and project management capabilities helps you and your team get ready for various projects you want to run.

Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies Need More than Just a Virtual Data Room

DealRoom’s software is designed to help businesses create a better internal process. When an organized internal process is established, teams can better serve their clients during research and trials.

Secure confidential documents and data

We designed our software with security as a priority. Securely store, share, and analyze confidential documents and data.

Complete diligence faster than ever before

Due diligence can often involve multiple softwares, disorganized processes, and limited collaboration. DealRoom provides simple requests management capabilities to eliminate these common inefficiences.

Easily track deal's and project's progress

Eliminate the need for Excel trackers, allow teams to have a streamlined process and get insightful analytics.

Integrate with tools you already use

DealRoom can integrate with modern and useful M&A tools to further create a central hub for collaboration.

DealRoom solves critical industry-wide challenges

Our software is designed to fix and prevent common challenges that the biotech and pharma sector faces.

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Teams have 24/7 organized access to any files and information they need.


With our software, all of diligence can be completed within the platform.


DealRoom ensures that data is not siloed off in a computer file or email, but easily shareable and transferable.


Our platform makes sure you constantly have a big picture view on all the moving parts of your organization, in order to make strategic decisions.

What has stuck out most to me is the responsiveness and overall care the DealRoom team has shown in addressing any issues or concerns as they may arise.

We have even requested extra functionality / capabilities and the team has responded by building these out where possible.

Alex A.
Senior Analyst

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