Virtual Data Room for the Biotech and Pharma Industry

Professionals working in life science organizations need a secure place to store data, but also a way to manage workflows. That’s where DealRoom steps in.

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DealRoom for Life Science Professionals

The work of life science professionals is critical, and they need tools that will support and enhance their workflows and activities. DealRoom can be used by those in biotech, pharmaceutical, clinical research, and more for internal and external project management. Whether you are working on an IPO, fundraising, licensing, diligence, or just want a better way to delegate tasks, our platform enables team collaboration and efficiency.

Our platform includes unique capabilities such as requests management, smart recall, all file type compatibility, and live-linking documents, that are designed to empower teams to work smarter, not harder. The software is also extremely customizable, so if your team already has a setup they like using, your rooms can be structured in a similar layout. Teams can even use our premade templates, or upload their own.
Alongside DealRoom’s project management capabilities, the platform also hosts a full feature, user friendly virtual data room. This way, everything from assigning team roles and tasks, to document storage, can all be completed in one place.
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Data Room for Biotech and Pharma Due Diligence

Organize and manage biotech, pharma, and clinical research due diligence using DealRoom’s smart software.
Beneficial Clinical Trials

When volunteers partake in biomedical experiments for research purposes, large amounts of personal and confidential information is collected. Medical equipment and research companies need to have a secure way to store their patients’ health information. With DealRoom, teams can not only store medical information, but also organize / manage it. For example, if an individual’s results need to be shared with a doctor, the room admin can quickly give the doctor that access.

Biotech Partners

When choosing between potential licensing partners, you need a safe place to share information, and be able to control access. You may want to share some information with one potential partner that you don’t want to disclose with another. Or maybe you don’t want them to be aware of all your partnership options. DealRoom also enables you to track all user activity, so it’s easier to gauge interest and see which documents are receiving attention.

Strategic Biotech IPO

When a biotech company goes public, the process involves many moving parts. Thorough due diligence is required for a strategic decision like an IPO. Individuals in key roles need to be able to access the company’s inner workings such as financial, legal, human resources, and accounting information. In a room, key decision makers can assign other team members with tasks, set due dates, assign reviewers, priority statues, and more. All files and documents used to fulfill tasks are linked to a corresponding file in the documents tab, so they can quickly be accessed in the data room.

Biotech Financial Support

Fundraising is never a simple task, especially in the biotech and pharma industries. The easier it is to present information when you are seeking to raise investments, the better. Because Dealroom supports all file types, teams can present their projects and findings to help impact investors’ decisions. When teams bulk upload documents into the room, the software automatically maintains the preexisting folder structure. Users can also conveniently grant access to CT scans, X-Rays, ultrasounds, and other DICOM files, in a secure manner.

Intellectual Property Organization and Management

Intellectual property (IP) portfolios are very valuable to life sciences professionals. They need a place to safely store, access, and manage their assets. By organizing IP within a room, professionals can control who has access to their information. They can also set restrictions on guest accessibility with DealRoom’s four different permission settings, which can be updated at any time.

Due diligence for Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies

Due diligence by nature is tedious and complex, but that doesn’t mean it has to be unorganized. Biotech and pharmaceutical companies can streamline the diligence process with our data storage and project management software. Teams can utilize features such as task management, straightforward file sharing, in platform communication, and more, to ensure a smooth diligence process.

Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies Need More than Just a Virtual Data Room

DealRoom’s software is designed to help businesses create a better internal process. When an organized internal process is established, teams can better serve their clients during research and trials. DealRoom’s project management abilities synchronize with the data room to give teams complete project visibility. When all workflows go through the project management and data room features, helpful data is captured. The data is displayed using graphics, charts, and tables, such as a heat map, and can be exported into PDF and Excel reports.

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Project Management and Data Room Software for Life Science Organizations

DealRoom isn’t just a standard data room. We integrate project management capabilities with a smart data room to equip life science teams with cost effective tools and innovative software.
Consistent Updates

Everything in a room, including files and documents, are updated in real time, preventing version control worries and duplicate work. Users with an assigned role to a request receive time stamped notifications when actions have been made on that specific request.

Request Tab

With the request tab, users can attach any file type, add comments, and ask questions to the appropriate team member. Stay current on changes and comments with the straightforward communication thread associated with each request.

Secure Data Storage

Conveniently store all sensitive files and documents, like research data and results, within the room. All information is encrypted and copy protected in transit and at rest.

Intuitive Analytics

Know when users view specific files and documents in the room, and be aware of what information is of interest to them. This way you can take the appropriate next steps.

Save Time

Say goodbye to the days of emailing interested and involved parties one by one. Within DealRoom, you can safely share files and documents with multiple parties with the click of a button.

Save Money

Unlike other virtual data rooms, we do not charge per page. We offer flat rate pricing models that include unlimited data and users, with no overage fees or long term contracts.

DealRoom Conveniently Integrates with Innovative Tools and Software

At DealRoom, we understand that companies need to to have the best digital tools and software available, including services that go beyond our direct areas of expertise. That’s why we choose to integrate with additional software platforms that are creative leaders within their industry such as Slack, Salesforce, and Office 365.

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DealRoom Solves Critical Software Challenges
Our software is designed to fix and prevent common diligence and software challenges.
Limited Access

Project and information silos are a common challenge that businesses face. Files, documents, proposals, etc. are spread across multiple channels and can be hard to track down when needed. With DealRoom, teams have 24/7 organized access to any files and information they need.

Inefficient Diligence

Standard diligence methods are time consuming, tedious, and use outdated technology. With our software, all of diligence can be completed within the platform. This eliminates the need for Excel trackers, one off emails, and unsafe file transfers.

Siloed Data

The data gathered by medical device companies and during research trials is highly valuable. Unfortunately, sometimes this data get siloed off from the individuals who can learn from it. DealRoom ensures that data is not siloed off in a computer file or email, but easily shareable and transferable.

Strategic Growth

Further growth and education among biotech and pharmaceutical industries is important. It can be challenging to make strategic growth plans when team members work on different trials or in separate departments. Our platform makes sure all users constantly have a big picture view on all the moving parts of their organization, in order to make strategic decisions.

"Easy to access user interface, speed is never an issue. The ability to track specific requests on an individual basis is valuable."
Ben S., Associate

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