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Too many M&A advisors today are letting decades-old processes negatively impact their deals. While running a deal, advisors are under strict timelines with many high priorities and constant client communication.

Whether you’re advising M&As, IPOs or private placements, DealRoom’s intuitive data room and project management platform will organize and streamline your efforts.

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Advisors must follow strict timelines, satisfy many high priorities and juggle communications with multiple clients. Using complicated, time-consuming manual processes to manage these concerns can lead to costly oversight. DealRoom enables leading advisors, conducting M&A, IPOs and private placements, work closer with their clients while increasing transparency and organization. DealRoom’s advisor software provides organization of important documents while providing analytics, giving advisors greater insight than a spreadsheet.

Through one, intuitive platform accessible by all parties, important data can be captured a used to ensure client success. Your data storage, diligence tracking and communication tools are all on one integrated platform. DealRoom understands that advisor’s need more than simply a data room. That’s why our project management capabilities allow you to assign responsibilities, request documents, communicate with team members, and set priorities.

DealRoom’s VDR and project management platform reduces stress and allows you to focus on ensuring deal success. Contact us to find out more!

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Unparalleled Features of DealRoom's M&A Advisor Tool to Ensure Client Success

DealRoom’s features are designed to help advisors navigate common deal inefficiencies. From preparation to close.

Intuitive Document Management

Store all sensitive client information on one intuitive, easy to learn platform. DealRoom's advisor software provides a clear, simple view of all collected documents and allows for quick content sharing between colleagues, clients and partners.

Deal Management

DealRoom allows you to go back-and-forth between multiple deals quickly, and easily stay on top of critical deadlines. Organize your efforts for numerous clients and set priorities for yourself to ensure their success.

Follow Critical Dialogue

Eliminate long email chains and follow critical dialogue through DealRoom’s platform. Never search through indexes to find conversations and final decisions. Communication through DealRoom is efficient and centralized, allowing you to get the information you need to focus on client success.

Securely Transfer Files

Protect all your documents with file-level encryptions. DealRoom allow you to securely manage files, folders, documents, and set user permissions and access rights. Our platform has 256 bit encryption and strategically separated data centers providing high security.

Assign Responsibilities

DealRoom's financial advisor software allows you to easily assign responsibilities and follow progress, creating a more efficient Q&A process. Never miss a deadline by setting due dates and sending reminders to assignees.

Advanced Analytics

Data is everything. DealRoom’s analytics tab shows users all the data collected on request and document activity, as well as a detailed audit log. Track bidders by seeing which documents they view and search for or filter by date, group, list, priority, status, and more.

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Intuitive Document Storage and Management for Advisors

An an advisor running a deal, you need a data room that minimizes stress and allows for easy management of large amounts of confidential documents. DealRoom’s easy-to-use platform makes it simple for advisors to bulk upload, store and share documents to and from clients and bidders.
DealRoom makes document management effortless. Drag and drop allows users to quickly upload, rearrange folders, and reorder the index. Users can bookmark files for quick access and can use the smart search feature to find a file based on title.

More than Just a Virtual Data Room

Advisors need more than just a data room to streamline efforts and centralize communication. Instead of sending one-off emails to ask questions, or navigating through long email threads, DealRoom allows user to communicate and comment within one platform. The entire communication threat can be easily follow on each request by assignees, reviews and followers. Users, such as clients or bidders, simply receive a notification when a new comment has been added.

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Manage a More Efficient Q&A Process

The Q&A process is often run manually through spreadsheets and long email chains, creating unnecessary inefficiencies. DealRoom's advisor software allows users to save time by creating, editing and sharing questions in bulk through our request feature. Advisors can create folders by subject, allowing bidders to quickly ask questions and enabling you to filter and sort through them. When bidders ask questions, DealRooms allow you to quickly assign them to the right party, keeping the deal moving.

Post-Closing Success

Traditional advisors do not prepare buyers or sellers for post-closing success, as buyers do not have an integration plan early in the deal. This causes the merged company to flounder. The company is forced to focus on day-to-day operations, rather than future growth.

Integration and post-closing success should not be neglected. With careful planning and smarter tools, this is something that advisors can duplicate with precision. Modern advisors create value for clients by allowing them to seamlessly move from diligence to integration in a continuous workflow.


An Outstanding Advisor Software for M&A

DealRoom enables organized workflows, centralized communications and secure document management, ensuring client and deal success.
DealRoom combines a traditional data room with an intuitive project management solution based on Agile principles. DealRoom’s software provides collaboration, flexibility, insightful data, and continued innovation. The platform utilizes technology such as machine learning, smart search and live linking to ensure that advisors close deals faster and guarantee client success.
The DealRoom Agile M&A Platform includes

DealRoom’s document management allows users to securely upload, share, and transfer any files or documents.


Requests eliminate the need for Excel trackers, a line item in Excel can simply become a request in the platform.


Know which users are looking at specific documents and much more with DealRoom’s advanced analytics features.


DealRoom integrates with modern and useful tools such as Slack, Salesforce, and Office 365 to simplify your M&A process.

"DealRoom is most intuitive data room I've used thus far and customer support has been great. We've had several clients comment about how simple the experience has been so far."
Chris, Tech M&A Advisor
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