DealRoom Diligence

Centralize your diligence process with a single, AI-powered tool

Bid farewell to the hassle of juggling multiple tools with a unified tool for tracking all diligence data, requests, and documents.

Drive diligence efficiency

Unify all requests and documents into one intuitive tool, eliminating the errors of disparate systems.
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Cut 25+ manual hours

Accelerate your due diligence timelines with automated workflows and streamlined communication.
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Eliminate misalignment

Foster collaboration between buyers & sellers with integrated communication channels.

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Easily switch from disconnected excel trackers, VDRs, & email communications to DealRoom Diligence

The old way

Excel Table screenshot showing the old way of working with Pipeline integration

Disconnected tools

Managing diligence across multiple tools risks crucial details slipping through the cracks.

Inefficient collaboration

No centralized tool for exchanging information or requesting additional deal details.

Manual workflows

Manual email exchanges & spreadsheet updates amplifies the complexity of diligence management.

The DealRoom way

Screenshot of modern DealRoom Interface facilitation Pipeline Integration

Unified diligence hub

Gather all due diligence requests and data in a secure, centralized tool for seamless access and management.

Centralized communication

Foster transparent and efficient interaction among all stakeholders, reducing errors and increasing speed.

Streamlined workflows

Streamline workflows for sellers and buyers, promoting smooth information exchange and analysis.

Reduce your due diligence time by 50% by centralizing your diligence process

Use built-in
virtual data room

Securely store and manage all diligence-related documents in one location.

Manage diligence requests

Create, assign, and track diligence requests efficiently, ensuring no task is overlooked.

Utilize granular permissions

Control access to sensitive documents and requests with customizable permissions.

Foster clear communications

Enable transparent discussions with public and private comment threads directly within the platform.

“Saved $200,000/ year by switching to DealRoom. From the time cost to eliminating the need for multiple disparate solutions”
Amy Weck
VP, M&A and Integrations at The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers, LLC

Accelerate deal closure timeline for both you and the seller!

DealRoom Diligence centralizes all deal data and documents, enhanced by project management tools, providing seamless navigation through the due diligence process within a single intuitive tool.

Easily upload documents

Drag-and-drop files seamlessly within the platform.

Link files to requests

Enhance document management by automatically connecting files to relevant diligence requests.

Enable status updates

Keep stakeholders informed with automated status alerts.

Assign reviewers

Delegate tasks efficiently by assigning reviewers to specific diligence requests.

Receive Notifications

Stay informed about new requests, updates, and file uploads with customizable notifications.

Track deal progress

Monitor progress of tasks and ensure deadlines are met for both your team and sellers.

Increase diligence efficiency with AI-powered document analysis

Analyze and extract key information from deal documents and easily create, save, and share custom prompt templates across organizations.

Acquisition proposal.pdf
Describe all Expenses and Termination Fees
Company Termination Fee: $1,000,000,000; 
Parent Termination Fee: $1,478,000,000

The agreement specifies termination fees to be paid under certain circumstances if the agreement is terminated. The Company Termination Fee, payable by the Company to Parent, is $1,000,000,000 and applies under several conditions, including termination in favour of an Acquisition Proposal, failure to obtain Company Stockholder Approval under certain conditions, or the existence of an Acquisition Proposal.

  • Company Termination Fee: $1,000,000,000
  • Parent Termination Fee: $1,478,000,000
  • Conditions: Includes various scenarios such as termination by the Company in favour of an Acquisition Proposal, due to failure to obtain Company Stockholder Approval, or by Parent due to antitrust issues or failure to consummate the merger by the specified date, among others
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Increase diligence process efficiency

Rapidly scan large volumes of diligence documents & extract vital information with precision.

Enhanced risk identification

Identify relevant risks for smarter investment decisions throughout the deal lifecycle.
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Effortless AI Utilization

Leverage AI for analyzing deal documents without advanced tech skills.

Effectively identify, track, and manage risks & findings to increase deal success

Unify deal findings in one tool

Effectively track, manage and connect findings directly to the diligence data

Report identified risks or issues

Generate reports on identified risks within each diligence request for informed decision-making.

DealRoom M&A Optimization Platform

Each product within our platform empowers M&A teams to optimize their practice in different ways.  While exceptional alone, teams see the time and cost savings when they are used together.

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Unlock greater, consistent opportunities for inorganic growth.
Eliminate the need to switch between disparate tools and expedite workflow processes.
Consolidate all your deal data securely in a single, purpose-built M&A platform.

DealRoom Pipeline

Curate and manage deal flow efficiently with a unified view of all targets, data, and communications.
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DealRoom Diligence

Centrally run your due diligence process without disparate tools,  increasing team alignment & vastly reducing manual tasks.
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DealRoom Integration

Simplify post-merger integration, enabling effective collaboration to maximize synergy realization and value creation.
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Frequently asked questions

What is DealRoom Diligence?

DealRoom Diligence is a software product that helps you to streamline and centralize the due diligence process. It offers document management, request handling, risks and issues management and collaboration tools tailored for M&A professionals.

How does it differ from traditional virtual data rooms?

While traditional virtual data rooms (VDRs) primarily focus on document storage and sharing, M&A due diligence software goes beyond by offering comprehensive tools specifically designed to manage the entire due diligence process. Unlike VDRs, which may lack features for request management, collaboration, and workflow automation, DealRoom Diligence product integrates these functionalities into a single platform, providing a centralized solution for efficient due diligence.

In what ways can it streamline the diligence process?

DealRoom Diligence product streamlines the diligence process in several ways:

  • Centralized document management for storing and sharing all relevant documents and data in one secure location, eliminating the need to search through multiple repositories.
  • Users can create, assign, and track diligence requests within the software, ensuring timely responses and accountability.
  • Built-in communication and collaboration features facilitate seamless interaction between stakeholders, reducing delays and miscommunications.
  • Automated workflows and notifications help keep the diligence process on track, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently and deadlines are met.

How does the platform ensure the protection of sensitive data?

DealRoom Diligence product prioritizes data security and typically employs robust measures to safeguard sensitive information. These may include:

  • Data encryption techniques are used to secure documents and communication channels, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Role-based access controls limit user permissions based on their role and level of involvement in the diligence process.
  • Detailed audit trails track user activities within the platform, providing visibility into who accessed, modified, or shared sensitive data.

Is it possible to purchase only the diligence product?

Yes, you can purchase DealRoom Diligence product as a standalone product. However, for added benefits and enhanced capabilities, you may also consider integrating it with DealRoom’s pipeline and integration products. To explore our pricing options, please visit our pricing page here.

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