Virtual Data Room for Energy Transactions

At DealRoom, our goal is to help the growing energy industry navigate complex ventures and projects. Our intuitive software will help structure, protect and power all aspects of your company’s development.

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Virtual Data Rooms for the Renewable Energy Industry

As the renewable energy industry continues to grow, energy companies are turning toward virtual data rooms as a way to increase efficiency while their ventures and projects expand. Understanding this, DealRoom created an intuitive virtual data room that enables the industry to securely share, analyze, and process sensitive documents while running all aspects of business. Whether managing a bid process, undergoing an environmental audit, or coordinating an investment opportunity, DealRoom’s virtual data room will structure, protect, and power your next project.

DealRoom’s platform combines project management, data storage, and analytics into one integrated tool. DealRoom provides a secure way for energy firms to communicate more efficiently, both internally and externally, during commercial operations and potential financial transactions. As the energy market continues to grow, DealRoom will streamline workflow so that your business can emerge without pause.
Structure, Protect and Power Your Energy Projects with DealRoom.
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An Efficient Platform for Complex Energy Transactions

During transactions, organize and manage due diligence using DealRoom’s smart software.
Structured Online Due Diligence

Due diligence can often involve multiple softwares, disorganized processes, and limited collaboration. DealRoom’s virtual data room and project management capabilities eliminate these common inefficiencies. Our software provides simple file management, integrated AI for managing documents, and in-depth analytics. We follow Agile principles to streamline and maximize diligence efficiency.

Empower Collaboration

DealRoom allows team members to communicate on one, innovative platform. With the request tab, teams can attach files, add comments, and ask questions. Companies in the energy industry often encounter bid management, financial or environmental audits, joint ventures, and capital fundraising. During these complex transactions, our software helps streamline and organize your workflow.

Secure Confidential Documents and Data

Energy companies encounter many projects that require sharing, storing, and analyzing confidential documents and data. We designed our software with security as a priority. DealRoom not only meets industry security standards, but also goes the extra mile to ensure all information is kept secure and documents are protected. Our platform’s security measures provide clients with the controls, reporting, and procedures required to keep all their data and operations safe.

Drive Insight with Comprehensive Analytics

Utilizing strong analytics is an important aspect of competing in any growing industry. DealRoom provides in-depth analytics that are vital when conducting complex audits, transactions, or bids. Our analytics allow teams to view a project’s progress and their clients’ level of engagement. These analytics provide necessary information to help you and your team make the appropriate next steps.

The Evolving Energy Sector Needs More than Just a Virtual Data Room

DealRoom’s software designed for the energy sector provides teams with better processes from day one. Our software is designed to provide value, not just for document and file collection, but throughout a company’s full lifecycle. The VDR feature within DealRoom is just a small fraction of the platform. Our platform combines project management, data storage, and analytics all into one integrated tool. And we not only teach teams how to use our software, but also the important benefits of applying Agile project management to their business.

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Project Management and Data Room Software for Renewable Energy

DealRoom isn’t just a standard data room. We combined project management capabilities with a full feature data room to enable the energy companies to have the most efficient process possible.
Real-time Updates

Everything in the data room, including files and documents, are updated in real-time, preventing version control worries. Specific roles get time-stamped notifications when actions have been made on a request.

Request Tab

With the request tab, team members can attach any file type, add comments, and direct questions to the appropriate person. Each request is associated with an easy-to follow communication thread so that everyone can stay current on changes and comments.

Secure Data Storage

Conveniently store your company’s sensitive files and documents within our data room, while setting permissions as you see fit. All information is encrypted and copy protected.

Perceptive Analytics

When conducting complex audits or transactions, know which parties view certain files and documents in the room, and understand which information is of interest to them. DealRoom’s comprehensive analytics provide necessary information to help you and your team make appropriate next steps.

Save Time

Within DealRoom, you can safely share files and documents with multiple parties with the click of a button. Long email chains and unsafe file sharing methods are time consuming, and they put your project at risk.

Save Money

Unlike other virtual data rooms, we do not charge per page. We offer flat-rate pricing models that include unlimited data and users, with no overage fees or long-term contracts.

DealRoom Conveniently Integrates Tools that Energy Firms Use Everyday

DealRoom understands that the growing and emerging energy sector needs the best digital tools and software available, including services that go beyond our direct realms. That’s why DealRoom easily integrates with additional software platforms that are innovative leaders within their industry such as Slack, Salesforce and Office 365.

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DealRoom Solves Critical Industry-Wide Challenges
Our software is designed to fix and prevent common challenges that the energy market faces.
Long-term secure data storing

Teams working in the energy industry must have a long-term way to securely store data. Maintaining project documents in a centralized platform while being able to quickly find them can be imperative, particularly when handling audits. DealRoom allows users to generate watermarks and hide necessary documents. Our platform also provides low rates, enabling long-term use.

Secure data sharing

Energy companies work on numerous projects, such as bid management, that require sharing sensitive data and documents. Whether to potential clients, investors or internal team members, DealRoom allows you to securely send documents between various parties. Unprotected file sharing methods, such as email, exposes deals and company procedures to unnecessary risk. Protect your bid, deal, or project with DealRoom’s secure virtual data room.  

Managing complex energy deals

Energy executives need an efficient way to conduct complex energy deals. When preparing and managing a deal, DealRoom provides an intuitive platform for the due diligence and integration process. Our secure virtual data room allows teams to hold, view and share documents in a centralized location. Meanwhile, DealRoom’s project management capabilities allow users to set permissions, stage access and track user activity.

Centralizing Team Communication

Organizing team efforts and centralizing communications are challenges presented in every industry. No matter what type of company, no matter the industry, everyone benefits from Agile project management. Because of technology advances, our work and communication is traditionally spread across multiple channels, software and platforms. DealRoom’s project management software provides a single place for teams to collaborate, supervise, and store related confidence contect.

"I have experience with a few different Virtual Data Room platforms: Merrill DataSite, Donnelly, etc. Most platforms focus only on privacy and functionality at the expense of general user interface. I found Deal Room to be incredibly easy to use, despite having never used it before."
Luke R., Investment Banking Associate

All Inclusive Pricing

No matter what size business you are, we have a plan that will work for you. Our platform includes diligence, integration, and project management, as well as a full feature data room and a dedicate success manager.

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