DealRoom Integration

Capture maximum synergies with value-focused integration planning

Eliminate post-merger misalignment with synchronized diligence and integration to accelerate synergy capture.
Integration Interface
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Unlock full deal value

Utilize diligence data and findings for concurrent strategic integration planning.
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Capture deal value faster

Align key integration players to ensure timely, visible progress and seamless execution.
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Increase decision accuracy

Monitor your integration progress thoroughly for informed decision-making at every step.

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Elevate beyond Excel: transition to purpose-built integration planning software

The old way

Excel Table screenshot showing the old way of working with Pipeline integration

Delayed integration planning

Hard to simultaneously plan integration during diligence execution.

Limited deal data visibility

Scattered deal data, diligence documents & findings across multiple tools complicates integration planning.

Difficulty in monitoring progress

Lack of automated reporting & task management increases manual work to monitoring integration progress.

The DealRoom way

Screenshot of modern DealRoom Interface facilitation Pipeline Integration

Seamless integration setup

Begin integration planning during diligence with centralized access to all data.

Enhanced data visibility

Utilize the centralized data hub to enable real-time team collaboration. and alignment

Automated progress tracking

Achieve quick and accurate insights without manual input.

Efficiently strategize your integration plan while diligencing

Manage tasks effortlessly

Easily customize and manage all team tasks on one platform for efficient collaboration throughout the deal process.

Customize your fields

Build more detailed integration plans with the ability to add and customize integration task parameters.

Access diligence data

Smoothly move to post-merger integration with full diligence data visibility.

Leverage diligence findings

Make informed integration strategies based on insights captured during diligence.

“DealRoom has brought organization to the team. Being able to organize the chaos of integration in one system between the incoming firm and our firm is awesome”
Nicole Markowski
Manager Corporate Development at Wipfli
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Ensure full visibility into your comprehensive  integration plan

Automatically adjust task timelines based on integration task dependencies.

Easily modify timelines and dependencies to adapt to changing integration needs.

 Communicate task sequencing to guide team efforts during integration.

Monitor progress by status

Easily track statuses of all tasks for quick access to project update.

Track updates on each task

Stay informed with updates & discussions on the activity thread of each task.

Utilize BI for advanced reporting

Leverage the task report to gain insights and make data-driven decisions.

Effectively identify, track, and manage risks & findings to avoid integration delays

Streamline synergies reporting

Generate comprehensive BI reports for actionable insights.

Report identified risks

Generate risk reports and prioritize addressing them for smoother integration.

Maximize synergy realization on every deal with Synergy Tracker

Streamline synergies reporting

Generate comprehensive BI reports for actionable insights.

Pinpoint key deal value drivers

Identify essential elements that drive deal success.

Align value drivers with integration plan

Integrate strategic goals into actionable steps.

Correlate workstreams to deal goals

Clearly connect integration tasks with strategic objectives to enhance team focus and drive synergies.

DealRoom M&A Optimization Platform

Each product within our platform empowers M&A teams to optimize their practice in different ways.  While exceptional alone, teams see the time and cost savings when they are used together.

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Unlock greater, consistent opportunities for inorganic growth.
Eliminate the need to switch between disparate tools and expedite workflow processes.
Consolidate all your deal data securely in a single, purpose-built M&A platform.

DealRoom Pipeline

Curate and manage deal flow efficiently with a unified view of all targets, data, and communications.
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DealRoom Diligence

Centrally run your due diligence process without disparate tools,  increasing team alignment & vastly reducing manual tasks.
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DealRoom Integration

Simplify post-merger integration, enabling effective collaboration to maximize synergy realization and value creation.
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Frequently asked questions

What is DealRoom Integration?

DealRoom Integration is a comprehensive product designed to streamline post-merger integration processes. It offers powerful collaboration and management tools to eliminate chaos and execute integration playbooks swiftly.

How does it differ from Excel or Smartsheet?

Unlike traditional tools like Excel or Smartsheet, DealRoom Integration provides a centralized platform specifically tailored for post-merger integration. It offers features such as task management, custom fields, and access to diligence data, enhancing efficiency and decision-making.

How can it help streamline post-merger integration processes?

DealRoom Integration product enables efficient planning during diligence, utilizes diligence data for strategic integration planning, and provides complete visibility into integration progress. By automating tasks and providing advanced reporting, it helps teams stay informed and on track throughout the integration journey.

Is it possible to purchase only the integration product?

Yes, you can purchase DealRoom Integration product as a standalone product. However, for added benefits and enhanced capabilities, you may also consider integrating it with DealRoom’s pipeline and diligence products. To explore our pricing options, please visit our pricing page here.

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