Virtual Data Room for Real Estate

Our virtual data room enables real estate professionals to complete diligence quicker, and more efficiently. The software also helps them manage and track multiple projects simultaneously in an organized manner.

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Data Room for Real Estate Professionals

Real estate agencies and professionals handle many moving parts at a time. They often need to do diligence for situations such as a property exchange, an appraisal, facilitating a sale or purchase, advisory services, and more. During diligence, real estate professionals need to use a tool that is easily managed, and keeps everyone organized. It must be secure, user friendly, and intuitive.

And DealRoom property due diligence software can be that tool. Our software helps teams accelerate contract review, streamline document collection, and increase compliance. DealRoom is a one-stop-shop for internal and external project management, file sharing, analytics, and secure data storage. We protect you and your client’s confidential files, and everything is backed by the industry cloud leader, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Features such as data indexing, drag and drop capabilities, live linked documents, and more, keep your business constantly moving forward. The detailed analytics tab helps you stay on top of user activity and predict potential issues before they occur.
Project Management Software for an Efficient Real Estate Process
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Advantages of Using Project Management in the Real Estate Industry

Real estate professionals and investors looking to maximize value in the market need to have innovative tools alongside an efficient process. DealRoom gives you both.
Create Requests

Easily create requests that coordinate with the necessary steps to get projects done. Maybe this is asking for a specific document, or just getting the team’s opinion on a contract. Requests create a place for everyone to collaborate. Within each request, creators can set priority, status, key dates, roles, and more.

Assign Clear Roles

Assign roles and tasks to your team so everyone knows who is covering what. Pick assignees, reviewers, followers, etc. for each request, and every role can be updated at any time. This creates clarity, as well as accountability, between team members.

Prioritize Tasks

In real estate, there is often a strict process that must be followed. Users can easily filter requests by priority to know what needs to be completed first. They can also update the request’s status so other team members stay in the loop. Involved roles get an email notification whenever a priority change occurs.

Communicate Constantly

Within each request users can contribute feedback, questions, and additional comments. Comments are updated in real time, which makes it easy to follow the progress of a request. As additional team members join the deal process, they can catch up quickly.

Quickly Upload and Structure All Your Confidential Real Property Documents

We get it. Real estate professionals handle copious amounts of documents a day. DealRoom keeps everything organized, safe, and easy to find.

Quickly Bulk Upload

Upload thousands of documents within seconds using the bulk upload feature. The room maintains file structure during upload so you don’t have to worry about reorganizing everything.

Rearrange with Drag and Drop

Do you ever need to restructure folder set up? No worries. Simply drag and drop to rearrange folder structure. And don’t worry, the index is automatically updated.

Move Documents Effortlessly

Users can also use drag and drop to move documents and files into different folders. The room site map is updated in real time so users can still find what they are looking for, even after it is moved.

Set Permissions Right Away

After files are uploaded into the room, a permissions box appears right away. This ensures that nothing is added to the room with the incorrect permission settings. Simply pick from four different permissions and hit confirm.

An Innovative Real Property Software Solution

Complete land and other property deals quicker than ever before with DealRoom. We provide vendors, purchasers, and agents with a secure place to work together. At DealRoom, we understand that even the smallest deals can be loaded with intricate agreements, data, reports, regulations and thousands of files. And the more organized your process is, the better. The platform is completely customizable to meet the needs of your team, your clients, and you. Are you ready to use a software that is more than just a data room?

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DealRoom’s Real Estate Data Room for Professionals

DealRoom is the ideal software to assist real estate professionals in managing assets and communicating with clients in a secure, convenient way. Our platform combines internal and external project management with a full feature data room to help our customers be as competitive as possible.
Property management

DealRoom enables convenient information exchange between property managers. They can review documents and files in real time and manage financial matters and other aspects.

Customer Conveniency

Bulk invite customers into a room. From there, they can set up their own profile within minutes. They immediately have access to any documents and files within their permissions.

Customizable Notifications

Users set their own email notification frequency. They can pick from immediately, hourly, daily, weekly, and apply additional features such as due date reminders and uploaded documents.

Multiple Projects

Real estate professionals can conveniently manage multiple projects and properties at once. Teams can spin up seperate rooms or have multiple projects within one room, whatever makes the most sense for them.

Group Permissions

Permissions are set for groups, and go down to the document/file level. Admins simply pick from view with a watermark, download with a watermark, download original, and edit. The watermark can be customized in settings.

Detailed Reports

Your team has access to analytics and visual charts regarding requests, document, and user activity. All data can be filtered and exported as a PDF or Excel report for convenient reporting.

DealRoom Helps Real Estate Streamline Property Deals
The world of real estate isn’t easy. Real estate teams need to use software that solves problems, not creates them. Check out how DealRoom solves common real estate software challenges.
Board Disclosures

Communicating with board members is critical and DealRoom allows for transparency between you and your board members. It enables them to stay informed when coming into important board meetings and make well informed decisions about the management of the company.

Investor Correspondence

A key factor to keeping investor relations strong is to make sure they are constantly informed and involved. And DealRoom does just that. They can follow everyone’s decision making process, add questions / comments,  and have access to all files and documents.

Portfolio and Asset Supervision

Our VDR allows asset and property managers to exchange information in real time. They can review all shared files and keep track of exclusive financial information in a streamlined manner. Portfolio management. Teams can share confidential documents with partners and enable strategic decisions.

Unsafe File Sharing

When dealing with confidential information and files, security is the number one priority. DealRoom has strict ID protocol, two-factor authentication, customizable allowances, and more. Our application was designed in line with industry stands, and then some, to guarantee user security.

"Great workflow management experience. Very intuitive product. I would use this product again for deal management workflows."
James C., Associate

All Inclusive Pricing

No matter what size business you are, we have a plan that will work for you. Our platform includes diligence, integration, and project management, as well as a full feature data room and a dedicate success manager.

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