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We’re disrupting the industry with our Agile M&A platform. The process adapts to surprises, changes and complexity.


Our flat-rate, transparent pricing is 50% less than the competitors. There are no surprise charges and hidden fees.


Security is a top priority for us. All your documents and files are safe with our top-level security and compliance.

Easy Due Diligence

Finally, an Efficient Way to Complete Due Diligence

Our platform helps you complete due diligence up to 50% faster.

Complete Due Diligence with the Requests Tab:

The requests tab helps all team members easily keep track of what needs to be collected, and who is responsible for what.

Stay Organized During Deal Management:

Ask questions, add comments, and assign members throughout the deal’s lifecycle

One Fully Integrated Software:

Due diligence no longer has to be spread out between email, spreadsheets, and a VDR. Everything can be done in the platform.

Never be blindsided again with DealRoom’s detailed analytics.

Always have a bird’s eye view of what’s going on with our real-time analytics.

Management Made Simple:

Track requests’ progress and closely monitor requests marked as priority or high risk.

Useful Buyer Behavior Data:

Predict buyer concerns by analyzing data around requests and documents activity.

Access to In-Depth Analytics:

Insightful analytics can easily be turned into a PDF or Excel for convenient reporting.

Start Post Merger Integration Early

Post merger integration only works if it is part of the process early on in a deal’s lifecycle.

Plan Integration from the Start:

Important information is easily accessible for team members, help them to make insightful decisions throughout the process.

Execute Plans and Set Goals:

DealRooms collaboration and visibility capability keeps teams organized around critical work.

Track Updates and Progress:

Plan the post merger integration strategy concurrently with due diligence.

Why leading businesses choose Dealroom

DealRoom is the industry’s leading M&A project management software. Stop working overtime with our intuitive software that completes due diligence up to 40% faster.

Intuitive design:

Our interface is user friendly and clean, which helps shorten the learning curve of using a new technology. Our smart technology makes every step of the process easier and faster.

Built-in security:

DealRoom maintains the highest level of information security, and our data centers are strategically separated. Our platform is built to keep all your sensitive data and documents 100% secure.

Help at every step:

Our client success team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. We assist with initial room set up, as well as training, and support throughout the deal lifecycle.

Agile M&A Certified:

Our platform develops strategies to drive innovation to create the highest return on M&A transactions using Agile principles.

Smart Features:

Our software has smart features that solve all your due diligence pain points. Be more product than ever with features such as drag and drop, smart search, and the requests tab.

Innovative Technology:

DealRoom has unique capabilities such as due diligence answers suggestions, live-link documents, progress tracking and drag-and-drop file upload. Our software is constantly being updated and new features are added.

40% faster & easier
50% less business work
75% up to less expensive
100% accuracy & compliance

A Due Diligence Solution that Makes Sense

Now with DealRoom, everything has gotten way easier. All our requests and information is in the data room on the requests tab. Our management team can guide themselves in the collection process. If they have questions they can post those questions as comments within the data room and we can go in and quickly respond. It’s made it way faster on this deal than any other deal in the past.

Muhammad Azfar
Auctus Group
Mustafa Ghafor
Alight Solutions

What Customers Are Saying

“1) Pricing is month-to-month and fair (vs. by page). 2) Machine learning: The platform also has machine learning to allow you to quickly answer multiple requests lists from different parties. 3) Project management capabilities not available on any other platform. 4) Extremely easy to learn. (e.g. drag and drop, objects are where you would expect them to be, great customer service)”

Curtis Chu
Auxo Investment Partners

DealRoom has saved our team time and allowed our client to comfortably use a secure data room without having trouble understanding the platform. The ability to create and adjust the index of folders in an easy, efficient manner is especially helpful. Also, setting permissions and understanding who has access to certain folders and files is very transparent which limits stress levels when uploading sensitive documents.”

Tyler Howard

“What has stuck out most to me is the responsiveness and overall care the DealRoom team has shown in addressing any issues or concerns as they may arise.We have even requested extra functionality / capabilities and the team has responded by building these out where possible. I have really enjoyed working with the team and would definitely recommend.”

Alex Amato
Robert W. Baird
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