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M&A Lifecycle Management Platform

Align your team on priorities and achieve more value.
MAY 19th, 2022
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Improved deal-wide communication and eliminate Excel trackers

As time went on and the teams fully adopted DealRoom, the amount of emails they were sending decreased dramatically.

Accelerated deal moving through the pipeline

Thanks to DealRoom, Bayada was able to complete their merger with a relatively inexperienced team, but with a successful outcome.

Enhanced due diligence and encouraged effective communication

With DealRoom all teams can know what is going on, creating much more open communication and transparency between functions.

Boost your team with end-to-end software for M&A and corporate development

DealRoom’s M&A platform has all the tools your team needs for deal sourcing, diligence, integration, and project management.


Stay organized while simultaneously managing multiple deals.

Popular Features

Pipeline management
Multi-deal timeline view


Store documents and complete diligence requests in one place.

Popular Features

Diligence Management + VDR
Pre-built Templates
Reporting & Analytics


Plan for post-close success from the very beginning of the deal.

Popular Features

Diligence & Integration Parallel Planning
Synergy Identification
Workstream Tracking


Organize and manage business units during divestitures.

Popular Features

Buyer-engagement tracking
Secure File Storage
Communication tools
As soon as I saw the platform, I was really happy to become a user.
We’ve found request capabilities to be really valuable whether we are pursuing new investors or communicating with existing investors and even recently handling a lawsuit.
David Aronson
CEO at Peanut Butter

Let us optimize your deal management workflows

Our team is here to ensure that you are getting maximum value out of the platform.
Julia Rollins
Sales Manager