A More Efficient Way to Manage M&A

DealRoom is an M&A lifecycle management software designed for collaboration and responsiveness.

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Seamless collaboration. Highly efficient.

One stop shop

Manage full cycle M&A projects on one centralized platform

Stay in the loop

Effortlessly collaborate with all internal and external teams

Embracing a new way

Simple onboarding process and quick technology adoption

Enhance your M&A Process

Adopt a new, Agile methodology to incorporate into your everyday M&A activities. Eliminate lack of collaboration, information chasms between deal stages, and outdated technologies.


Enable effective collaboration to bring views together, connect the dots that identify underlying risks and opportunities.


Transfer information easily from one deal cycle to the next, adapt the platform to your process with easy to use interface.


Make your process responsive to new information flowing in during a deal, so you can update plans accordingly.

Winning teams choose DealRoom

Most responsive & innovative provider in the market right now

“I love task tracking feature that is unique to the DealRoom software and the fact that you can control permissions down to the individual file level.”

Curtis S. C. , Private Equity Associate

I have really enjoyed working with the team

“What has stuck out most to me is the responsiveness and overall care the DealRoom team has shown in addressing any issues or concerns as they may arise”

Alex Amato, Investment Banking Associate

Great support and versatility for different customers

“I found the software to be easy to use and the request tracking functionality makes it easy to communicate with different groups. We found it to be an excellent product!”

Peter D. President/CEO

Excellent platform with ease of use

“DealRoom software is easy to use, you can populate the room with your folders and create due diligence list right inside the software instead of sending it separately to your clients.”

Ovais A. S., Investment Banking Vice President