The DealRoom story

The idea for DealRoom began in a small office in downtown Chicago in 2012. Our founder, Kison, was running a boutique M&A practice that focused on hospitality. He realized the standard technology available for M&A created inefficiencies such as team silos, duplicate work, and version control issues. He knew there had to be a better way and that the industry desperately needed a product purpose-built for M&A optimization.

Kison’s goal was to disrupt the M&A process, for good. He saw a need for better technology that connected the entire lifecycle of a deal, from initial pipeline management to diligence to post-merger integration. The solution? DealRoom!

Our mission: to disrupt M&A for good.

At DealRoom, we’re a community of forward-thinking M&A practitioners on a mission to perfect the M&A process. We support teams with the unique combination of an open community, comprehensive educational resources, and innovative software products to help you navigate the modern-day complexities of M&A transactions with confidence.

Our Values

Our culture is the heart of our success and our values guide everything we do at DealRoom.

Deliver the Wow

Deliver the Wow

We always WOW our customers, partners, and teammates. How? By being faster - faster to respond, faster to plan, and faster to execute. By pushing for continuous improvement, innovation, and growth in everything we do. And by disrupting the status quo (in a good way) to deliver solutions and experiences that WOW.

Be Kind and Direct

Be Kind and Direct

We are a team. We trust, support, and care deeply about each other. We assume positive intent. We collaborate, debate, and disagree and commit. We treat each other the way we ourselves would want to be treated (golden rule). And being kind also means we are open, honest, and direct with one another at all times by communicating with radical candor.

Own It

Own It

We take pride in what we do and our desire to win. We love being accountable for delivering results - and when we encounter obstacles, we always find a way. We have fun and get shit done. We’re smart about how we spend our time and money (frugal, not cheap). And we operate with the greater good of our customers and the company in mind.

Leadership team

DealRoom CEO & Founder Kison Patel and the rest of
our leadership team are seasoned experts in building innovative software and creating exceptional customer experiences.

Join our team

Do you thrive in a culture of excellence, collaboration, and respect? You’ve found the right place.

M&A software solutions from DealRoom

DealRoom M&A Optimization Platform

The eponymous and flagship offering from DealRoom is a cloud-hosted platform that revolutionizes your M&A function by providing a centralized hub for managing the full lifecycle of a deal - including real-time collaboration, communication, and data organization across the entire M&A lifecycle.

If you’re currently using Excel trackers or shared folder drives to manage your deals, DealRoom will reduce misalignment, save you time, and reduce costs (and headaches) by optimizing the entire process of managing an M&A transaction. Over 160 companies, from PE-backed rollups to global public companies, trust DealRoom to simplify and streamline their M&A function.


FirmRoom, by DealRoom, is the industry’s most intuitive virtual data room (VDR). The FirmRoom VDR serves as a secure repository for confidential information, enabling secure document sharing, controlled access, and comprehensive data analytics.

FirmRoom empowers M&A practitioners, and other data-sensitive functions, to conduct due diligence precisely and confidently, safeguarding sensitive information while facilitating seamless collaboration.

M&A Science

The M&A Science community has hundreds of active members and is growing by the day. The community is powered by M&A experts from across the globe (we like to call ourselves M&A Scientists) who are focused on empowering the M&A community at large by providing podcasts, training, resources, events, and more.

Check out the M&A Science podcast, our community events, and the M&A Science Academy to get involved today.