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Accelerate your business growth

Centralize all your team’s work, such as project plans, documents, communications, and issues. This results in collaborative and secure work with in-house and external teams.

Overcome your biggest challenges

Have a better process from day one. DealRoom creates value for not just document collection, but the deal’s entire lifecycle, including due diligence & post-close integration.

Functional Leaders Working in Silos

DealRoom provides real-time collaboration, sharing of findings on the spot. Functional leaders have clear visibility into each other's insights.

Lack of Multi-party Support

While most M&A project management tools are primarily designed for internal use, DealRoom also facilitates requests with the target company and various third parties all in one process.

Diligence to Integration Knowledge Chasm

Access to knowledge captured in diligence helps integration teams save time and improve execution.

Limited Collaboration Between Workstreams

Visibility across workstreams allows information to be effortlessly shared and easily identify dependencies. This reduces dedicated efforts to remove duplicate requests and creates a better experience.

The End State of the Deal is Constantly Changing

New information is constantly discovered during diligence, rapidly changing the end state of the deal. Follow these changes and respond to them in real time by centralizing all communication and information.

Inability to Access Cross Functional Priorities

DealRoom’s software provides teams with a live, centralized program backlog. This gives context to cross functional backlogs and dependencies in order to allow all teams to highlight priorities that benefit the deal’s overall success.

Featured resource

BI Reporting

Get real-time insight into the state of your team’s work and everything you need to take action—without leaving DealRoom.

Manage multiple deals in one place

Each deal can have its own “card” which displays a relevant, quick overview of transaction information.

Complete diligence faster than ever before

Complete requests easily using drag-and-drop capabilities and relevant users will get a notification when a request is marked as done.

Track deal's progress

Eliminating the need for Excel trackers, and allow teams to have a streamlined deal process.

Easily access and organize documents

Quickly upload documents and files using drag-and-drop, rearrange the index, and move files into folders. Also search and find the files using smart full-text search feature.

Integrate with tools you already use

DealRoom can integrate with modern and useful M&A tools to further create a central hub for collaboration.

I liked that the workflow through the tool centered around what is most important in M&A transactions - getting things done.

The platform is simple and doesn't try to over-complicate the workflow for M&A pipeline management.

Collin D.
Corporate Development Manager

Let us optimize your deal management workflows

Whether you buy one company every other year, or five companies every year, DealRoom has a solution for you.