DealRoom for oil & gas industry

Streamline your efforts in all aspects of business from M&A to fundraising, environmental audits, and joint ventures.

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More then just a virtual data room

DealRoom helps oil & gas companies streamline processes and complete numerous projects more efficiently and successfully.

Environmental Audits

DealRoom allows you to stay current on auditors’ questions right inside the platform using eliminating Excel and emails.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Close oil & gas deals faster with a smart and secure M&A tools such as built-in diligence tracker and a virtual data room.

Joint Ventures

Prepare for a successful deal with DealRoom by efficiently sharing confidential documents, communicating with clients, and negotiating terms.


With DealRoom, oil and gas companies can raise funds successfully by organizing and sharing confidential information with potential investors.

The oil and gas project management software

DealRoom’s software is designed to help teams create better processes and streamline various challenges the oil and gas industry face.

The Oil and Gas Project Management Software

DealRoom’s software is designed to help teams create better processes and streamline various challenges the oil and gas industry face.

Control access and manage documents securely

We take security seriously. Security features, such as multi-factor authentication and customizable permissions, help ensure that the correct people have access to the data room.

Complete diligence eliminating Excel trackers

With DealRoom, all diligence can be completed within the platform, eliminating the need for Excel trackers, one-off emails, and unsafe file sharing.

Get clear vision with insightful analytics

Review and analyze insightful data analytics from document and tasks activity, buyer engagement to your team performance and process tracking.

Integrate with tools you already use

DealRoom can integrate with modern and useful M&A tools to further create a central hub for collaboration.

Solve critical challenges faced by the Oil & Gas companies

Prevent common inefficiency within the oil and gas industry.

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DealRoom’s VDR will help organize relevant information about reserves and regulations.


DealRoom ensures secure and efficient handling of sensitive data throughout the deal’s entirety.


Our platform provides a secure way to share, transfer, and upload files.


DealRoom enables teams to manage, share, and edit all documents on one centralized platform.

The platform is easy to use and the functionality is extremely practical!

It makes it both enjoyable and sensible when communicating across different positions in our office, streamlining projects and making us all more efficient.

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