Visualize deal progress

Create, convert, and share analytics with easy-to-digest visuals. Reporting made simple. Manage and share interactive reports with internal and external teams.
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Create personal and shared dashboards

Deal dashboards, your way. Build your own view with filters based off on any metadata in your pipeline.

Reference key pipeline insights with ease

Quickly filter through data analytics to find what’s relevant for your team. Customize how you want the information to be displayed.

Check deal progress rate with stages

Utilize the funnel-view to see how deals are moving from one stage to another and compare success rates.
“Great Collaboration Tool. Very positive experience with the product, was very easy and intuitive to use, the ability to tag other users in deliverable objectives was a game changer”
Brandon R.
Group Experience Director, Dell

Review revenue potential

Contrast each deal’s revenue potential with easy-to-digest bar charts.

Deal timeline analysis

Use the timeline view to track each deal’s duration.

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