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Stay organized, on schedule, and informed at all times while simultaneously managing multiple deals.

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Know the status of all your deals

Track deals in one place

Customize the deal's dashboard to include the deal specific metadata your team needs.

Access project details with one click

Add notes and action items, see complete deal information, and review targets with ease.

Preview deals from a timeline view

Visually see your deals and how they compare on a timeline. Quicky see deal lengths, start dates, end dates, and more.

Access and manage key member information

Search for individual users from the members section. You can also see their information, role, and deals that they are a part of.

Keep teams informed

Communicate with internal and external team members, as well as send important updates within the platform.

Receive insightful analytics

View and learn from analytics regarding your pipeline such as progress status, completed requests, priorities, and more.

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BI Reporting

Get real-time insight into the state of your team’s work and everything you need to take action—without leaving DealRoom.

Greater idea, even better execution

I liked that the workflow through the tool centered around what is most important in M&A transactions - getting things done. The platform is simple and doesn't try to over-complicate the workflow for M&A pipeline management.

Collin Draughon
Senior Product Manager

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Seamlessly store, track, and manage all targets and active deals in one centralized place. Connect straight to diligence when transactions reach LOI.