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How Innovative Virtual Data Rooms Benefit Private Equity M&A Deals

Famed investor, analyst, and CEO Mario Gabelli once said, 

How do you make money? Spinoffs, split-ups, liquidations, mergers and acquisitions.” 

With this sentiment in mind, it comes as no surprise that during a slowdown in the economy, companies, especially tech companies, are being, as Boston Business Journal says, “gobbled up” by private equities. 

Why? Because private equities often have the ability to take more risks than strategics.

Technology, especially Virtual Data Rooms, plays a key role in many of the major private equity deals taking place. Here we look into how virtual data rooms benefit private equity M&A. 

What Is a Private Equity Data Room?

A private equity virtual data room is an online document storage provider that contains essential documents relating to a company or deal. In terms of how data rooms benefit private equity deals, they can be essential as to whether or not the M&A deal goes through.

Such software benefits private equity M&A deals in many ways, from having a safe and secure place to store confidential information to being able to set different access levels to such information for different parties involved in the transaction.

Below are just a few of the many ways how data rooms benefit private equity M&A deals

1.  Ensure Safety & Security Of Information. The tools a virtual data room provides allow you to have full control of your documents, and set appropriate access levels to third parties who also may need to view some of that information.

2.  Facilitates Good Business Decisions. With a VDR, you can maintain, organize and add to information on many different business deals all in one central location. This provides ease of access to information for all authorized individuals, and provides a great organizational infrastructure to facilitate a thorough evaluation of all potential deals. This, in turn, leads to better decision making.

3. Allows All Parties To Easily Collaborate. Collaboration is essential in private equity M&A transactions, and different access levels to information facilitates parties to access all relevant information without compromising security. 

Virtual data rooms have a variety of security features that ensure parties only have access to the information that they are authorized to access, while numerous security features prohibit unauthorized parties from doing so.

4.  Ensures Smooth Deal Closings. In private equity investment process, there is always a lot of information being accumulated, and even more when decisions are made to close the deal. Having all of your important information and documents stored in one central, secure location will prevent delays and allow you to close the deal quickly.

With the numerous deals and investments companies are tasked with researching, performing private equity due diligence, overseeing, and in many cases closing, virtual data rooms are essential for both security, organization, and ease of access to lots of information. Data rooms will save your company or firm time and money, which over the long run, will help you achieve maximum profit potential.

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How Can Virtual Data Rooms Increase My Revenue?

Virtual data rooms are serve a variety of functions and can help with a variety of different transactions. Data rooms have become known as the best way to store information in today’s digital age, where it seems an endless supply of important information is prevalent that you will need to evaluate, organize and refer back to.

Here are just a few of the ways that virtual data rooms can increase your company’s bottom line:

1.  Sourcing Deals

There are so many different deals, professionals and other important information a private equity firm must collect to evaluate all potential advantageous opportunities. Sometimes the data will need to be reviewed immediately, and sometimes at a later data.

Virtual data rooms can store all types of information for further evaluation, such as financial statements, biographical information on the leadership team, and business plans.

Storing this information in an organized way will allow you to quickly refer back to prior intelligence and applicable information for deals you are considering or reconsidering. This will allow you to source and evaluate your deals faster and more efficiently than your competitors, and is a key factor to sourcing and completing more deals in a shorter amount of time. 

2.  Overseeing And Closing Important Transactions

Virtual data rooms are essential in terms of both overseeing the transaction and increasing the chances the deal closes. Especially in terms of the (usually lengthy) due diligence process, a data room can quickly and smoothly facilitate all of the fast-moving parts to the transaction. The easy transfer of large amounts of information between the different parties to the deal will allow your important deal to be closed quickly and easily.

3.  Investment And Deal Monitoring

Locating great deals, that both fit within your “deal parameters” and ones that could be advantageous to the company takes significant time and effort. Senior leadership needs to be actively participating and monitoring their management processes and team to ensure they continue to have potential deals in the pipeline, and that those deals are within the organization’s search criteria.

Virtual data rooms can give them a snapshot of their deal pipeline, as well as deal monitoring, at the click of the button. Many data rooms have advanced features so senior leadership can have access to the data they need quickly, and in a secure way. 

They also allow the leadership teams of both sides of a potential deal to communicate and share important data quickly and efficiently, saving all parties time and money and allowing them to stay organized and on task.

Examining Which Features Are Right For Your Virtual Data Room

When setting up a data room, there are so many features available if the company you are using is a reputable provider. You want to ensure you choose the best features that align with your company or firm’s goals and objectives.

Aside from the numerous iron-clad security features available, of which there are many, you’ll want to choose a software that is easy to use and had a modern user-interface. If you’re spending time and money selecting a virtual data room, shouldn’t it be extremely user friendly and easy for everyone to use?

Additionally, this should go without saying, but your virtual data room should be extremely organized, making it a breeze to find the important information you are looking for on any given day. Think folders and subfolders, easy upload features, drag-and-drop-capabilities, and lots of other modern features that will make every day easier for you and your team. 

Your virtual data room should also be compatible with the programs you use every day, such as Excel and document files.

The Takeaway

Virtual data rooms, provided you choose a reputable provider, will make M&A deals and your deal pipeline in general flow a lot smoother and will enhance both the roles of your team and supervisory roles. Your data will be secure, organized, and easy to find, which will ultimately save your organization money.  

Even more, a it will likely increase your revenue as you will be able to revisit new deals and ones of the past and see all of relevant documents and information in real time. This can prevent deals or important information in general from getting lost in the shuffle.

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