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An educational podcast exploring the complex world of M&A with the top minds in the industry. This podcast is sponsored by DealRoom, a diligence management and virtual data room platform for complex financial transactions.

In 2012, Kison started making discovery calls to M&A practitioners. His goal was to map out common pain points in the M&A process. Two years ago he started the M&A Science podcast to make this knowledge available to everyone.

M&A Science Podcast

Kison Patel
In this podcast, Scott Kaesar discusses the importance of interpersonal relationships for deal success, post-close surprises, how to learn from a deal gone wrong, and when to just walk away.
In this podcast, Andy Jordan discusses why we are seeing more and more sellers, rather than buyers, seeking their own quality of earnings prior to initiating a deal.
In this podcast, Matt Gambs gives advice on picking advisors and investments, and how to learn from failures in your career.
In this podcast, Jeremie Bacon goes into detail on the realities of post-close integration, how it affects employees, and most importantly, why communication is vital for a successful post-close integration.
In this podcast, Greg DellaFranco focuses on his team's unique due diligence approach, and how to determine a strategy for synergies and a successful integration.
In this podcast, Vamsi Maddipatla In this podcast, Maddipatla discusses his sell side experience, how to wisely choose investments, and post-deal integration.
In this podcast, Paul Tennola share his knowledge on bolt-on transactions as compared to new platforms.
In this podcast, Mark Miller answers the question: what should you look for when you pick an advisor for your deal team?
In this podcast, Sean Peace tells a captivating story about selling and exiting an unprofitable business in a unique niche.
In this podcast, John DeRusso stresses the value of mitigating employee fear, uncertainty, and doubt, as well as the importance of expressing empathy during integration.
In this podcast, Scott Hile discusses how to prioritize business concerns over legal concerns, work with management teams, and evaluate integration complexity during target identification.
In this podcast, Nitin Kumar talks about the history of M&A, revenue synergies, value drivers, TMT integrations and new business models.
In this podcast, Abhik Jain walks through the differences between M&A in private equity and investment banking, proprietary and auction deals, and integration planning.
In this podcast, Ken Marlin explains that similar to the Marine Corps, all tactics must be designed to advance a business towards a clear, long-term objective.
In this podcast, Armando Biondi describes how he strategically communicated during negotiations, completed complex due diligence, and how essential trust became between investors and founders.
In this podcast Luke Fedlam focuses on his approach to due diligence, renegotiating financial terms, and cultural post-merger integration.
In this podcast, Paul Weiskopf focuses on the importance of identifying deal purpose, planning for post-merger integration early, and how to determine if a deal is successful.
In this podcast, Judah Karkowsky focuses on his recent work involving buy side deals, diligence integration, and success management.
In this podcast, Joseph Feldman discusses acquisition strategies, diligence checklists, company inconsistencies, and post-close surprises.
In this podcast, James Harris explores the ways in which deal practitioners can implement a more Agile approach to each step of M&A, from due diligence to integration.
Al Ansari, a veteran divestiture and integration advisor currently assisting Cisco with the development of their divestiture methodology, discusses the strategies, decisions and planning behind divestitures.
Nitin Kumar, a seasoned C-level operating executive and management consultant in the technology, media and telecom (TMT) sector, discusses how to create integration strategies better suited to modern business environments.
The Founding Partners of the M&A advisory firm, Agile Gorilla, discuss their agile, modern approach to deal and integration management.
Harvard instructor, author and speaker,  Richard Kasperowski, discusses how to build and maintain high-performing teams in any industry.
On this episode, Kison speaks with Dawn White, an M&A Integration Manager at Corning. Dawn explains the importance of conducting cultural assessments during M&A transactions and explores how these assessments can lead to stronger deal outcomes, increased value creation and an overall happier and more productive workforce.
Kison speaks with Dr. Mark Goulston on the benefits of practicing empathy for more successful M&A, specifically to improve value creation and productivity post-close.