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Balancing Legal and Business Concerns in M&A Transactions

M&A Transaction Concerns

An M&A Science Podcast

Hosted by Kison Patel

“If you're on the outside, you have to understand your clientele and their risk tolerances. On the inside, you better understand issues fully."

On this episode

Scott Hile, an experienced M&A professional, shares his experiences from both sides of M&A, including common transaction concerns and challenges.

Hile's legal experience started in Silicon Valley in the 2000s, during the tech-driven boom of acquisitions and investments. After his time in Silicon Valley, he served as Vice President of Corporate Development at the global diversified industrial company, Milliken & Company, for five years.

In this podcast, Hile discusses how to prioritize business concerns over legal concerns, work with management teams, and evaluate integration complexity during target identification.


Show notes

00:00 - Introduction

00:58 - Strategic Approach to Due Diligence

04:04 - Prioritizing Risks And Legal Issues

07:08 - Identifying Deal Focus Through Value Drivers

09:33 - Presenting Risks To The Seller

12:50 - Navigating Legal Teams

16:30 - Aligning Goals and Objectives

17:55 - Planning Integration Early

19:58 - Difficulties During International Transactions

26:19 - Validating Cultural Fit

29:56 - Examining Underlying Areas of Cultural Fitness

33:33 - Measuring Success

34:25 - Recording Achieved Synergies

39:09 - Biggest Lessons Learned

41:03 - Ending Credits

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