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Evolving Technology Trends in Mergers and Acquisitions

How Trending Technology is Impacting the M&A Industry

An M&A Science Podcast

Hosted by Kison Patel

“We have to bring people together to help them think about how to set up and structure firms in a way that can be more agile and more nimble.” 

On this Episode 

Kison speaks with Jill Harrison and Steve Siler about which growing technology trends are addressing some of the largest challenges facing the M&A industry. Jill, is the Vice President of Ventures at Silverline, a Salesforce Platinum Partner that consults with businesses in financial services on how to best utilize Salesforce for more effective processes. Steve, is the CTO of Stonebriar Commercial Finance, a large ticket commercial finance and leasing company, and was previously Director of IT Solutions for William Blair’s investment banking group. The two are uniquely qualified to discuss the technology being utilized in the marketplace and how current systems can improve.    

They discuss how innovations in areas such as data analysis and project workflows are enabling practitioners to better source, organize, and close successful deals. The three examine the future of M&A and how technology will play an incredibly important role in its evolution and future success. During this episode, they also discuss how practitioners can  best implement these innovations and how to address them when pitching to potential clients.


Show Notes

00:00 - Introduction

03:30 - Key Technology Trends in M&A

09:50 - Where is Innovative Adoption Happening Most in the Industry? 

14:40 - How is Technology Giving Firms a Competitive Edge? 

20:40 - Limitations and Alternatives to Excel 

24:00 - When will Clients Start Demanding More Innovative Technology? 

27:00 - How to Relay Competitive Technology During the Pitch Process

29:30 - How Technology and Strong Data Analysis Benefits Due Diligence 

32:35 - How does Innovative Technology Fit with Regulatory Restrictions? 

35:00 - Implementing Trainings on Project Management Techniques 

36:36 - Building a Modern Technology Roadmap 

40:00 - Positive and Entertaining M&A Experiences 

43:46 - Ending Credits  

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