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Buy Side and Sell Side M&A Strategies

Buy Side and Sell Side M&A Strategies

An M&A Science Podcast

Hosted by Kison Patel

“Be honest at all times. Maintain your integrity. Get into the details and actually engage with the content besides the process, especially on the buy side.”

On this episode

Abhik Jain, Vice President of International Strategy and Business Optimization at Hill-Rom, shares his knowledge of buy side and sell side M&A deals, as well as personal advice on handling negotiations and transactions.

Jain has lived all over the country and has extensive experience in the areas of investment banking, private equity and most recently, corporate M&A.

In this podcast, Jain walks through the differences between M&A in private equity and investment banking, proprietary and auction deals, and integration planning.


Show Notes

00:00 - Introduction

02:38 - Buy and Sell-Side in a Corporate Role

06:00 - Differences between Corporate Development and Private Equity Roles 

08:00 - Approaches for Negotiating Transactions

14:55 - Strategies for Handling Competing Buyers

17:30 - Balancing Buy/Sell-Side Engagement

19:40 - Utilizing Playbooks Over an Auction Process

23:10 - Broad Auctions vs. Proprietary Deals

25:00 - Understanding Seller Motivations

26:40 - Standing Out During an Auction

28:33 - Creating Deal Focus

29:43 - Top Buy-Side Strategies

32:45 - Surprises During Diligence
34:50 - Identifying and Mitigating Post-Close Challenges

37:15 - Biggest/Most Expensive Post-Close Surprise 

38:00 - Key M&A Lessons Learned

41:02 - Ending Credits

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