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How to Sell A Bank: The Ups and Downs of M&A Banking

M&A Banking Ups & Downs

An M&A Science Podcast

Hosted by Kison Patel

"The margins in banking are very thin when compared to other industries. There is very little room for error.”

On this episode

Matt Gambs, ‎a Senior Vice President at Wintrust Financial, is very familiar with the community banking realm.

Over his 23 year career, he worked his way up from teller to president and CEO of two different community banks in the Chicago metro area, Bloomingdale Bank & Trust and Diamond Bank.

In this podcast, Gambs gives advice on picking advisors and investments, and how to learn from failures in your career.


Show Notes

0:00 – 0:53 Summary of Matt Gambs 23+ year career progression in community banking

0:54 – 3:44 Discussing growth of BB&T between company inception and becoming CEO in 2004 

3:45 – 6:47 The process of deciding to sell BB&T and selecting an advisor

6:48 – 8:24 How buyers’ proposals were evaluated against goals for stockholders

8:25 – 11:24 The selection process for comparing valuations and choosing the final buyer

11:25 – 13:24 Discussing challenges and realizations as Matt’s first deal of this size

13:25 – 18:02 Dissecting why everyone seems to want to buy a bank and regulatory implications

18:03 – 22:16 Events leading to Matt joining Diamond Bank and its subsequent sale 

22:17 – 25:53 The long start-to-finish process of selling Diamond Bank

25:54 – 28:54 Highlights of working with Wintrust on the Diamond Bank deal

28:55 – 33:26 Biggest challenges and lessons learned going through both bank exits

33:27 – 36:25 Comparing shareholder relationships of different sizes

36:26 – 39:34 Craziest thing Matt has seen in all his banking experience

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