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Product Overview

Easily Manage Deals with Our Tailored M&A Tools, and Customize it to Match Your Needs.

DealRoom M&A due diligence software lets you track every part of due diligence from start to finish. Your data storage, diligence tracking, and communication m&a tools are all on one integrated platform.

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Eliminate and Answer Duplicate Requests in One Click

Say goodbye to answering duplicate requests. With the help of machine learning, the system pulls up previously related documents and responses.
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Additional Features

Permissions for Uploaded Files

Permissions for Uploaded Files

Confirm permissions for uploaded documents before they become visible.

Permissions for Uploaded Files

Project Plan Templates

Save time by creating reusable templates for every new deal.

Permissions for Uploaded Files

Requests Dependencies

Know where the integration roadblocks are and stay on schedule.

Permissions for Uploaded Files

Real-Time Progress

View a project’s status without scheduling a meeting or sending an email.

Permissions for Uploaded Files

Upload Directly to Request

Upload documents to an individual request by simply dragging and dropping.

Permissions for Uploaded Files

Approve Request Answers

Check and approve answers before they become visible to buyers.

Permissions for Uploaded Files


View documents and manage a deal from your phone or tablet.

Permissions for Uploaded Files

Time Tracking

Track only real activity spent in a room.

Permissions for Uploaded Files


Use filters to only view specific requests or documents, such as date created or uploaded.

Permissions for Uploaded Files

Detailed Audit Trails

Document a comprehensive record of party engagement.


DealRoom can integrate with modern and useful M&A tools to further create a central hub for collaboration and management across your deals. Get rid of information silos and simplify your M&A process.
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