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Behind the Scenes: Effective Deal Sourcing and Closing

Strategies and Best Practices for Deal Sourcing

An M&A Science Podcast

Hosted by Kison Patel

"...now you’ve built that relationship with those A+ targets such that you are the first person on the seller’s mind when they start thinking about their exit strategy."

On this Episode 

Kison speaks with Scott Kaeser, and Executive VP of Corporate Development at United American Security, a GardaWorld company. Scott carries well over a decade of experience in M&A, growth strategy, operations improvement, and corporate development. 

On this episode, Scott discusses his experience sourcing advantageous deals, along with the strategies and best practices he utilizes. Scott walks through the steps of building a strong origination process, how to best cold call and break through gatekeepers at target companies, how to manage effective and strategic pipelines, and how to structure a competitive initial offer. 


Show Notes

00:00 - Introduction

02:30 - Scott’s shift from small firm to serial acquirer

04:15 - Steps for setting up an origination process 

06:00 - Strategies for effective corporate development cold calling 

08:35 - How to cultivate accurate and strong data sets 

12:30 - Sourcing deals from those on the front-line of your organization

14:43 - Incentivizing internal deal sourcing with deal finder fees

16:10 - Benefits and costs of working with bankers to source deals 

18:55 - Strategies for getting through gatekeepers at target organizations

26:44 - How to develop a strong narrative for your pitch

29:45 - Next steps after a successful pitch 

33:25 - How to frame productive first meetings with potential targets

34:45 - Utilizing due diligence information in order to win over a target 

38:45 - Uncovering red flags while considering a deal 

41:00 - Knowing when to leave a deal for later consideration

43:00 - Key indicators of successful deals 

45:35 - How to structure a competitive initial offer

50:51 - Largest reason for losing deals 

52:50 - Scott’s favorite part of the hunt

55:00 - The future of deal sourcing 

59:50 - Staying engaged during integration to uphold deal value

01:01:30 - Craziest deal experiences 

01:04:32 - Ending Credits 

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