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DealRoom is not just the best diligence management platform, but it also includes a secure virtual data room within the platform.

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An Agile VDR for a Faster Diligence Process

Unprecedented Virtual Data Room Software

When traditional virtual data rooms first came out, they were revolutionary. No longer did teams have to scan documents one-by-one to complete diligence. No more traveling to an office because confidential documents couldn't leave the property. The idea of “the cloud” was unique and convenient. VDRs were a game changer. But then, they too got left behind in the past. They created this inefficient M&A process that included Excel trackers, long email threads, and various platforms for communication.

DealRoom wanted to capture the good qualities of traditional virtual data rooms, but bring them into the present time and take advantage of technology advances. That’s why DealRoom is a diligence management platform that hosts a virtual data room. This allows documents and files to be safely uploaded, stored, and shared, but also enables collaboration and unique capabilities that weren’t previously available to deal teams.

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Finally, a virtual data room software that is easy to use and has a modern design

Traditional virtual data rooms often look well, ancient. Their design is outdated and the software isn’t intuitive or user friendly. At DealRoom, we pride ourselves on having an intuitive design that doesn’t look like it’s stuck in the 90s.

As with any new technology, there is a learning curve, but due to the smart nature of the software, users are able to confidently use the room in no time.Plus, our customer success staff is available 24/7.
Never be blindsided again with DealRoom’s detailed analytics.
Complete Due Diligence
Easily Process Files

VDR Data Processing for M&A

DealRoom’s VDR empowers teams to transform, retrieve, and classify documents and folders all within one platform. Benefit from features such as bulk upload, built-in document view, smart search, drag-and-drop, and more.

The platform’s communication capabilities enable teams to stay in constant contact with each other, without ever having to leave the platform.

Secure Data and Information Storage

Leaks, hacks, inaccurate accessibility, etc these are all common worries surrounding data. DealRoom understands that all information that goes through the platform, whether it be files, documents, or communication, is highly confidential and needs to be stored in a tight, secure location.

Our software is built to protect your information from any security worries or threats. And our simple permissions make sure that users only see what you want them to see.
Never be blindsided again with DealRoom’s detailed analytics.
Complete Due Diligence

Convenient Built-in Excel and Document Viewer

Have you ever wanted to view a file in a traditional virtual data room, but had to download the file first, then view it online? No more downloading and switching between platforms just to view an Excel or document file.

DealRoom’s convenient built-in Excel and document viewer gives users file visibility, without ever having to leave the platform. Less time spent switching between platforms means more time focused on swiftly completing diligence.
Analytics Encourage Big Picture Thinking

Analyze Data and Understand User Behavior

Nowadays, data is everything. With traditional virtual data rooms, teams usually permit bulk downloading. However, once this is done, everything is viewed offline and no data is captured.

Since DealRoom enables teams to do everything through the platform, insightful data is captured and can be analyzed such as document activity and buyer engagement. All analytics can be spun quickly into a PDF or Excel file for easy-to-understand reporting.
Never be blindsided again with DealRoom’s detailed analytics.

The Best VDR Provider for M&A

Our virtual data room is smart, quick, and secure. In combination with project management, DealRoom equips teams with the software they need to close deals faster.
Focus on the Deal, not the Technology

Stop wasting time with data room inefficiencies, and focus on closing deals faster. DealRoom’s innovative technology enables your process to run smoother than ever before.

Quick and Painless Setup

We will have your room setup and ready for uploading within minutes. Our customer staff success team provides onboarding and any additional training needed.

Utilize Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence enables the platform to have smart features, which save users valuable time. This includes full-text search, suggested files, live-linking, document recall, and more.

Requests are Everything

DealRoom’s requests tab and data room work together to keep everything in the platform. Documents uploaded into the data room can be accessed to answer diligence requests.

Bookmark Files for Quick Access

Just like you bookmark sites you often frequent, users can bookmark files for convenient access. Bookmarked files can also be filtered by upload date.

Support from Industry Experts

Our support team is made up of former industry professionals who have been in your shoes. Contact us 24/7 for any questions, comments, or concerns.

Secure virtual data room that encourages teamwork, innovation, and communication

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Our virtual data room enables teams to retain control of their confidential information
VDRs provide storage for confidential information such as financial and human resources information, intellectual property, legal documents etc.

They also are a place where third parties receive access, and granted specific permissions to each document and folder. Companies need to have full trust in their VDR provider.
At DealRoom, we promise to provide our customers with the software and service they need.
Data Protection

Never worry about data protection again, all files and information are secure in the room.

Deal Speed

Agile diligence management software helps teams complete diligence up to 40% faster.

Better Control

DealRoom’s simple, easy to change, permissions keep you in control of visibility at all times.


DealRoom integrates with modern and useful tools such as Slack, Salesforce, and Office 365 to simplify your M&A process.

Effective VDR Features and Services

Drag & Drop Upload

The platform’s drag-and-drop capabilities enable users to upload documents and files, rearrange the index, and move files into folders in seconds.

Full-text Search

Quickly search and find files you need with DealRoom’s smart full-text search feature.

Documents view heatmaps

Get insight with different filters on the document’s activity heatmap such as views coverage, time spent, date range, and overall views.

4-level Files Permissions

There are four simple permissions to choose from and apply to each document and folder; view, download, download original, and edit

Data Indexing

Easily access the entire data room access, which users can rearrange with drag-and-drop, renumber, and export to PDF or Excel.

Detailed Audit Logs

The audit log tracks every movement done within the platform including logins, folder creation, request priority status, document uploads, and much more.

Upload Confirmation

Any time a document or file is uploaded users receive an email confirmation, and don’t worry, you can set the notification frequency.

Time Tracking

DealRoom tracks the amount of time any user spends on each document, file, and request.

"I have experience with a few different Virtual Data Room software platforms: Merrill DataSite, Donnelly, etc. Most platforms focus only on privacy and functionality at the expense of general user interface. I found Deal Room to be incredibly easy to use, despite having never used it before. This ease of use was greatly augmented by my experience with my Dealroom's customer success manager."

Luke Rossi | Associate at Serent Capital

Make Document Management Simple and Affordable with a Dealroom M&A Virtual Data Room Platform

Unlike most virtual data rooms, we don’t charge per page, or per user, or based on data. We charge a simple, one-time flat rate with no additional overage charges. If you’re new to DealRoom, no problem. We offer a 7-day free trial for potential customers to test out the software and see if it meets their VDR needs.

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