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DealRoom’s post M&A integration management software helps increase post-close success.

post-merger integration software
Prevent Post-Close Failure with Post-Merger Integration Planning

Post-merger Integration Value

The value of a deal relies on an organized post-merger integration checklist.

Post-merger integration, commonly referred to as PMI, is a crucial stage of M&A. The PMI stage determines the value of any M&A deal. It requires early planning, strategic thinking, and swift decision making. Typically, PMI is complex, and happens alongside a business’ core activities. A common mistake is simply not planning ahead for PMI during the beginning of a deal’s lifecycle. To make it an even greater challenge, there is no standard, correct way to a successful PMI process. Teams need to focus on the strategic objectives of the deal and identify synergies to ensure the maximum value of the deal can be achieved.

PMI can be broken down in stages, starting with closing day/Day 1. The first three years post-deal are crucial to a deals success, and DealRoom can help you prepare. It enables teams to plan for the transforming stage, from the very beginning of document collection. Teams can have access to all the files and data before the deal closes, allowing them to spot areas of concern and plan accordingly.

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Key benefits for your post-merger integration management

Most mergers and acquisitions fail because of poor post-deal integration practices. DealRoom helps you avoid common post-merger integration mistakes, and increases the chance of a successful integration. It’s vital to have a post merger integration plan
Real-time Visibility Keeps Teams Updated

Swift action is necessary when enabling the success and value of a deal. Plan for post-merger integration early by having real-time visibility to enable strategic problem solving and identify synergies. This helps teams with visioning, shaping, and transforming, all crucial to a successful PMI process.

Eliminate Guessing with Knowledge Transfer

During diligence, teams gather and collect every little detail about the company. Information collected during diligence, that is crucial for a successful integration, can be accessed after the deal is complete. The knowledge transfer that you get with DealRoom allows everyone to see the big picture early on.

Work in a Secure Workspace

Security shouldn’t be a second thought when it comes to post-merger integration software. With DealRoom, security is our top priority, so our users don’t have to stress about it. We meet all industry standards and then some, such as: FINRA, ISO 27001 Certified, powered by AWS, SOC 2, SEC, HIPAA and more. All confidential information is secure, allowing you to focus on the deal.

Collaborate in One Platform

The platform’s communication capabilities help enable collaboration between workstreams. Instead of communicating through one off emails, or lengthy threads, all users can communicate through the platform. This includes potential buyers, sellers, the management team, and other third parties. DealRoom also integrates with Slack.

Reduce Duplicate Work

DealRoom helps teams receive fewer duplicate requests, and decrease duplicate work overall by 80%. The smart system brings up suggested files that it predicts are relevant to each requests. It also lets users know if they upload a file or document that has already been added to the virtual data room.

Track Integration Workstream Progress and Analytics

DealRoom users can easily track the progress and history of each integration workstream with visuals and graphs. Thorough data analytics can give helpful insight on user activity, such as buyer engagement, as well as tracked document and file activity. All progress charts and analytics can be spun into PDF or Excel reports with one click.

Plan Strategically with Post-merger
Integration Software

Plan post merger activities on an IMO / function / workstream level

Many companies use outdated or inefficient technology tools, such as Excel and lengthy email threads, when it comes to the post-deal integration phase of any M&A deal. DealRoom helps teams ensure all integration goals are aligned at every level early on. Our software also allows users to set cross-stream dependencies across multiple functions. All team members can see the progress of the deal as it unfolds, in real time. This enables information and updates to be shared with employees in key roles such as managers and human resources, on a regular basis.

DealRoom lets users set due dates and priorities, along with visual progress tracking and reports. This help team leaders prepare timelines, an action plan, and connect with stakeholder, who need to fully understand the rationale for the deal.
plan integration

Execute plans and collaborate in one place

A successful PMI process involves visioning, shaping, and transforming. Visioning is setting the strategy and priorities, including prioritization of synergies. Shaping is determining how the buyer, target, and their respective functions should be integrated. Finally, transforming is the final stage of PMI, when all the integration occurs.

Team members often spend too much time tracking their work in multiple versions of shared Excel documents, resulting in confusion and bottlenecks in an integration’s progress.

DealRoom is designed to consolidate and streamline these problems. You can track everything on one platform and it is updated in real time. This allows for less time spent reporting, and lets you focus more on the future of the company.

Complete Due Diligence

Track requests progress during post-merger integration

DealRoom allows everyone involved on the deal to view the progress on requests.

You can track everything on one platform. This allows for less time spent reporting, and lets you focus more on the future of the company. You can also assign specific roles for each request, set clear due dates and labels, keeping everything prioritized.

After a deal is complete, the newly formed organization can still use DealRoom for project management. That way, all employees are on one integrated smart platform. They can continue to securely store, send, and transfer documents as well as create new requests and communicate with new team members easily. DealRoom can eliminate common day to day communication challenges.
Never be blindsided again with DealRoom’s detailed analytics.

DealRoom solves post-merger integration challenges

The failure rate for M&A transactions sits between 60% to 80%, and yes, we find that extremely high, and preventable. Common post-merger integration challenges include lack of visibility, data fusion, employees, regulation, customers, inadequate technology integration, etc.
post-merger integration challenges
If there is a lack of synchronization in the newly formed company, the value of a deal decreases and can lead to post-close failure. For example, the two companies need to have an established customer data integration system. They also need updated data to be accessible by the entire organization, so no one is working off of outdated information. The quicker newly formed teams can sync up, the better. With DealRoom, all information collection during diligence can be passed on and accessed after the deal closes. It can be used for proper communication, data sharing, project management, and more.

Plan Post-Merger Integration so You Can be Ready on Day1


Tag items in diligence to create an integration plan in real time.

Integration Progress

View a project’s status without scheduling a meeting or sending another email.


Set your notifications to what you prefer; immediately, hourly, daily, weekly, or disabled.


Know where the integrating roadblocks are and stay on schedule.


Assignee a specific team member to be in charge of requests and other responsibilities within the platform.

Deal Notes

Use deal notes and markups during integration.


Set dates early to build out your timeline for the deal’s entire lifecycle.


Use filters to only view specific requests or documents, such as overdue requests during PMI.


DealRoom’s thorough analytics help deal teams prevent post-merger problems before they happen.

"What has stuck out most to me is the responsiveness and overall care the DealRoom team has shown in addressing any issues or concerns as they may arise. We have even requested extra functionality / capabilities and the team has responded by building these out where possible. I have really enjoyed working with the team and would definitely recommend."

Alex A. | Investment Banking Analyst at Baird

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