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How DealRoom Prevents Duplicate Work During Due Diligence

Challenges in M&A Management - Duplicate Work

In M&A, the due diligence process already requires an incredible amount of time and effort to complete. There is nothing more frustrating than receiving requests for the same documents from multiple parties, leading to inconvenient repetitive work.Due to poor processes and lack of organization, large corporation functions that are tasked with diligence, often work in silos and do not communicate with each other. They don’t remember what they’ve asked for and would rather just ask again than go back over what they have.

The Solution to Duplicate Work During Due Diligence

The solution to this problem is to identify and effectively address these duplicate requests. With today’s advances, there is technology to help you do that. 

At DealRoom, we leveraged machine learning to help recognize duplicate requests, suggest responses, and recommend related documents. This allows you and management to answer requests quickly or buyers can even find answers on their own, reducing overall frustration. You can say goodbye to answering duplicate requests, finally.

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