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Due diligence data room for buy and sell-side deals, as well as team project management. Stay on top of due dates, tasks, and team communication.

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Due diligence software
Finally, a way to simplify the due diligence process

Powerful, Yet Simple Due Diligence Software

Traditionally, due diligence involves multiple software tools, inefficient processes, and limited collaboration. At DealRoom, our goal is to help you close deals faster, and make your overall due diligence process more efficient. Our due diligence management software features enhanced smart capabilities, secure file management, and integrated artificial intelligence (AI) for sharing and analyzing documents. We follow an Agile methodology, instead of the traditional Waterfall methodology, to ensure efficiency throughout the deal’s lifecycle.

Agile focuses on individuals and interactions, working software, customer collaboration, and the ability to respond to change. These four points can easily be applied to due diligence. DealRoom due diligence tool is designed to eliminate the inefficiencies that are ever present in the M&A industry, to be a working software that enables individuals to do their part, while collaborating as a team.
With our software due diligence, you can complete due diligence up to 40% faster.
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40% Faster

DealRoom enables teams to close deals 40% faster and create a more efficient M&A process. The platform is designed to keep all team members on one platform, where they can communicate and safely share documents.

How Does Due Diligence Management Software Benefit Your Business?

A more efficient process equals more deals closed. Here’s how DealRoom tools can transform your diligence management process.
Manage the Due Diligence Process Effortlessly

DealRoom, a due diligence software company, revolutionized diligence management in a way that makes sense. Our smart platform enables secure file storage, document collection, communication, and task assignment. Yes, DealRoom provides a virtual data room, but our platform is capable of so much more. DealRoom truly is a project management software designed for M&A and allows business continuity during the most complex due diligence processes.

Eliminate Disconnected Communication and Responses

Searching through countless emails to find one document attachment, filing through notes to find task direction, trying to remember everything you’ve been assigned. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. With DealRoom, all communication and responses can go through one platform. This makes following assignments, directions, and communications easier than ever before.

Organize and Tackle Stakeholder Tasks in Real Time

It’s important to know what tasks are your personal obligation. If organization isn’t a strength of yours, this can quickly become a challenge. With DealRoom due diligence tools you can simply access your assigned tasks list with one click. You can also filter through all requests by the assignee, to know what other team members are working on.

Streamline and Synchronize the Your Process

Turn your inefficient process into a well-organized procedure. With DealRoom diligence software, all workflows and important information are on one platform instead of across multiple channels. Users can host all relevant information such as documents, confidentiality agreements, contact details, relationship history, etc. in one, secure space.

Creates a Big Picture for your Investments

When technical due diligence checklists goes through one platform, teams can spot both strengths and weaknesses of the deal. All information is kept in a central workspace, where all parties involved can access necessary files. When everyone can access information, it reduces the time needed to make crucial decisions, without compromising the quality of decision making.

Gives Teams a Technological Competitive Advantage

Taking advantage of technological advances helps teams close deals faster and more often, giving them a competitive edge. DealRoom's technical due diligence software utilizes smart technology such as drag-and-drop capabilities, live linking documents, and smart search to speed up your process. And we are constantly adding updates and new features.

Due Diligence management

Due Diligence Tools: Keep Your Teams Securely on the Same Page

Our multi-featured due diligence software product is designed to close M&A deals faster. With thousands of registered users and more then 1,000 executed transactions, it’s highly likely that your counterparts already belong to our DealRoom community. DealRoom truly has created the best due diligence software for complex transactions and eliminates vendor and customer risk.

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Import Templates

Quickly import Excel templates into the room, without having to worry about the format changing.

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Protect Files

Keep files protected without using plugins, or forgoing fidelity.

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Eliminate Inefficiencies

Our fully integrated platform puts an end to Excel trackers, one-off emails, and other traditional VDR inefficiencies.

Diligence Software: Control the Deal

Managing due diligence requires a lot of work and involves collaboration between many individuals. Our financial due diligence software helps you simplify collaboration and accelerate diligence with efficient workflows. Stay in control of every phase of the deal life cycle.

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Control Access

Management access all the way down to the document level.

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Life Cycle Management

DealRoom helps users seamlessly transition throughout the deals full lifecycle.

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Stage Information

Easily stage information before going live by creating a separate folder and grant permission to the necessary members group.

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File protection

Complete File Protection: Stay in Charge of Document Security

DealRoom's due diligence software development ensures that team members are in complete control over each file with our powerful IRM capabilities including granular document controls, plugin-free security, and active policy management.

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In-Depth Document Permissions

Pick specific permissions including view, download, download original, and edit for each file with one click.

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Set Permissions for Uploads

Verify permissions for uploaded files before they become visible.

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Access Rights Synchronization

Easily create synergy between access rights and existing Dealroom IT policies.

DealRoom Analytics Tab: Know the Progress of Due Diligence

Data can tell us a lot of important information. When the entire diligence process goes through one platform, important data is captured and can be used to make critical decisions and form strategies. With DealRoom due diligence tools, you can:

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Track Top Active Users

You can track which users in each group are the most active and pick a specific date range.

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Stay Informed on Requests Activity

For each request created, you can follow the time spent, user views, and views coverage on a heat map.

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Prepare Reports Effortlessly

Quickly prepare analytic PDF or Excel reports with one click.

Due diligence progress

M&A Due Diligence Software for a Faster Process

DealRoom diligence management houses many features designed to help team members complete due diligence faster, such as the suggest files feature and recall feature.

When a user is completing a request, the suggest files feature recommends documents and files that could be relevant to the request. When the system detects a duplicate or similar request has been made previously, the recall feature will automatically suggest the file that previously answered the duplicate or similar  request. This helps eliminate duplicate work, a common inefficiency during traditional due diligence, and save users’ time. DealRoom's tools versatile functions can be used as legal, private equity, financial, vendor, customer or third party due diligence software.

due diligence software answers

All-in-One M&A Due Diligence Management Software

Due Diligence Lists

Filter diligence requests by list, and keep track of personal tasks in an organized manner, all within the platform.


Manage requests in a “Google Doc” type of way with real time tracking, few emails, and drag-and-drop.

Instant Recall

The instant recall button helps users avoid duplicate work by automatically populating potentially relevant documents or replies.

Custom Statuses

Set custom statuses such as open, in progress, and resolved, to keep involved members updated the progress of each request.

Live-Link Documents

Add new requests or view related requests concerning open documents directly from the viewer.

Suggested Answers

Smart technology helps save time with suggested answer options.

Salesforce Integration

Have full access to your Salesforce CRM and input data captured from the room.

Slack Integration

Enable collaboration and communication between multiple parties via our slack integration.

Drop Files into Requests

Use drag-and-drop to quickly upload files to complete requests.

"Dealroom diligence management is easy to use, you can populate dealroom with your due diligence folders and create due diligence list right inside the dealroom instead of sending the due diligence list separately to your clients."
Ovais Siddiqui, Investment Banking Associate at Auctus Group

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