DealRoom Software Admin Help Guide Videos

DealRoom Software Admin Help Guide Videos
Marsha Lewis
VP of Marketing at DealRoom

M&A Process Improvement with DealRoom

1. Document Collection

How to create M&A diligence requests with DealRoom's fast and simple process

After a request list is imported into DealRoom, quickly fulfill requests by using drag and drop. The platform will automatically organize and store files within the correlating folder in the documents tab.

2. Templates

Jump start your deal with M&A premade templates

How to create, save and deploy room templates.

3. Prioritized Lists

Keep everyone working on the highest priority tasks at all times

When working through a process, many items are marked as high priority, and it’s difficult to determine which of those are the most important to keep things moving along. By dragging and dropping requests in order of the most important, you know what items need to be taken care of first and adjustments can be made as priorities change. This helps reduce bottlenecks and time spent on unnecessary tasks.


Architecting communication for Modern M&A

Users can have a dialogue on each request by simply leaving comments. These comments can be marked as open for anyone who has access to the list or only viewable for certain groups. Users can also attach documents and pull up past responses to comments. This saves space in your email inbox and keeps a record of the conversation associated with each request.

5. Suggested Files and Recall Option

Reduce duplicate work in M&A with machine learning

The suggested files tool utilities smart technology to suggest files based on title and content, enabling users to answer requests quickly. Provide comments easily using the same technology under the recall feature. These features are designed to save users' time and prevent duplicate work.

6. Assign/review

Improve accountability in M&A

Increase accountability on tasks and projects by assigning clear roles such as assignee, reviewer, and follower. Users with task roles receive a notification when any update has been made to the request. Quickly find your assigned tasks by selecting the "Assigned to me" option.

7. Analytics

Identify bottlenecks and blind spots in M&A

When all diligence goes through the platform, teams capture insightful data such as buyer engagement. Teams know exactly which users opened specific files, and can filter analytics by date, status, priority, and more. The audit log tracks any and all activity within the room.

8. Slack Integration

Eliminate information silos and create specific work channels

DealRoom integrates with Slack, a software for messaging, tools and files. This allows notifications from projects to be pushed into specific channels in the Slack app. Under settings in DealRoom, click on Slack integration. From the selected integration channel, there are live links that take you directly back to the notifications in the platform. This enables streamlined communication between DealRoom and the chat tool.

9. Cross-functional collaboration

Enable functional leaders to collaborate and find underlying risks

Cross-functional leaders can collaborate and share findings on one platform, without switching back and forth between tools. Click on the request icon in the document viewer to see which previous requests the document relates to. If there is a new finding, easily create a new request and select the appropriate list for the request to be associated with. Users can ask a question, assign someone to look at the request, and set critical dates. Function leaders are also able to have separate lists for each group. This allows each group to have efficient collaboration and better communication with other parties involved.

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