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Per-Page Pricing is a Rip Off

Virtual Data Room Pricing


Typical data room pricing is a rip off. 

Data rooms that charge per page can lead to astronomically high bills and unexpected charges. This pricing model comes from 20 years ago when virtual data room providers came to your office, scanned documents then uploaded them to costly servers. This is 2018, everything is on the cloud and storage is incredibly cheap at only 2.3 cents per gigabyte. Charging 50 cents per page, and then having hidden fees and invoices that end up well over $10,000 is a waste of money.

Solution to Traditional Virtual Data Room Pricing

The solution to this is to choose a virtual data room service providers with a flat-rate pricing model. With a flat-rate provider, you’re client is paying for the service and technology they need and not just overpriced data storage. When you’re not constantly monitoring data usage you will be more focused on your deal.

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