Google’s New Game Plan for More Successful Mergers and Acquisitions

Google’s New Game Plan for More Successful Mergers and Acquisitions

An M&A Science Podcast

Hosted by Kison Patel

“The nature of M&A is designed to be transformative, it’s designed to be disruptive, therefore it doesn’t fit often times in the nice, neat bucket that your company is operating in.”

On this Episode

Google’s Principle of Corporate Development Integration, James Harris, discusses how the company is utilizing a software development strategy called Agile to produce more successful M&A outcomes. James explores which traditional practices, such as playbooks, often fail M&A processes and intricacies.

In this podcast, James describes the ways in which M&A practitioners can implement a more Agile approach to each step of the deal, from due diligence to integration.  


Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:45 James’ Background

4:00 Traditional M&A vs. Agile M&A

7:45 Shortcomings to Traditional M&A

11:20 How Agile Causes Goals to Shift

12:45 Identifying Risks Faster

13:55 How Agile Impact Processes and People Aspects of Working Together

15:30 Agile Techniques that Enhance Collaboration

17:45 Agile Team Structures

21:15 Addressing Collaboration Pain Points

22:40 Agile Process Efficiency

24:35 Closing Deals Faster with Agile

26:25 Challenges to Introducing Agile

27:10 How to Introduce Your Team to Agile

29::35 The Backlog Approach

35:10 Additional Techniques James Uses

35:35 Maintaining Clarity Post-Close

37:08 Integration Planning

40:15 Proof Agile Has Worked, Google Example

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