Agile M&A: Proven Techniques to Close Deals Faster and Maximize Value

Discover actionable techniques to close more efficient and successful M&A transactions.

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Proven ways to transform your M&A process for the better.

About this Book

The Agile M&A Practitioner’s Guide lays forth a new vision for completing M&A initiatives in the information age: the Agile M&A Process Model. Created by industry veteran Kison Patel, the Agile M&A Process Model advocates applying the “Agile” project management style first popularized in silicon valley to the M&A industry.

The Agile approach to project management is based around universally applicable operational values such as speed, flexibility, cross-functional transparency, and teamwork — values which are perfectly suited to highly dynamic, informationally complex undertakings like M&A.

Customers Who Use DealRoom to Streamline Their M&A

Part case study, part textbook, Agile M&A is a manifesto for updating how we approach M&A. Using real-life examples, Kison Patel paves the path to faster, smoother integrations that are more likely to meet their financial and strategic objectives.
Chair, Mergers & Acquisitions Roundtable

About DealRoom

M&A is perhaps the most complex, information-dense and unpredictable process within the corporate sector. M&A transactions begin with the promise of innovation and value creation by combining the strengths and cultures of two unique entities. However, somewhere during the antiquated, avaricious M&A process, these initial goals are often lost.

As M&A deals continue to grow in quantity and transaction size, DealRoom aims to create more collaborative, people-driven and equitable deals that focus more on the original vision of innovation.