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Stay organized during every phase of the transaction with our deal management software. No matter what phase a project is in, teams need to be organized, track deal flow and able to see the big picture.

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Here’s How DealRoom's M&A Software Works

DealRoom’s M&A Deal Management Software creates value and enhances every phase of the transaction.

DealRoom deal management system includes features and capabilities to help teams throughout the entire transaction process, not just portions of it. Teams need a way to keep everything organized and streamline workflows starting from the seller’s preparation phase all the way through post-merger integration.

The traditional use of VDRs, Excel trackers, and emails prevents efficient transaction management. It causes work silos, version control issues, duplicate work, limited visibility and more. With our deal management software, teams approach deal management in an efficient and innovative way. They constantly communicate, delegate, complete diligence quicker, and provide more value for their client. It allows teams to have a standardized process for every deal, and capture insightful data.
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  1. The Seller’s Preparation Stage
  2. The Seller’s Marketing Stage
  3. The Buyer’s Due Diligence Stage
  4. Negotiation of the Binding Agreement Stage
  5. Signing & Closing Stage
  6. Post-Merger Integration Stage
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Productive Deal Management System

Deal teams can easily include ten internal team members plus additional third party members. Without proper M&A transaction management, workflows and task tracking can quickly become hectic. DealRoom’s deal management system makes it simple to keep track of tasks, roles, and priorities. Within each request, users can specify assignees, reviewers, followers, due dates, priority levels, and more. Users can also utilize filters to quickly find and group together requests.

Deal Management System
Deal Tracking Software
Track process

Perceptive and Comprehensive Deal Tracking Software

DealRoom is used by many teams as a deal tracking software. Since the platform enables teams to complete all deal workflows on one platform, useful and detailed analytics are captured. This allows for easy convenient transaction tracking. Teams have access to data regarding user, document, request, and general room activity. Users can filter by date, group, list priority, and more. The analytics are displayed in simple, easy-to-understand charts and tables that can be exported into PDF and Excel.

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Update Your Deal Flow Management Process

The use of outdated processes and technology often leads to static deal flow management. Traditionally, teams would manage M&A transactions on Excel trackers, email threads, and virtual data rooms. This method has been standard in M&A for a long time, but can cause work silos, lack of collaboration, and inefficient document collection. When teams switch to using an integrated platform, like DealRoom, deal flow management is no longer spread across multiple platforms. This creates more efficient workflows and helps teams complete due diligence up to 40% faster.

Deal Flow Maangement
Deal Flow Software
plan from day one to integration

Deal Flow Software for the Complete Deal Lifecycle

Proper project management and organization needs to happen even before due diligence begins. DealRoom’s deal flow software keeps users on track and well ordered from day one, all the way through integration. The platform also enables users to plan for integration during diligence. They can label integration requests alongside diligence requests, and create requests dependencies. And to further assist with integration, teams are allowed to keep the room open for however long they need. This provides them with quick access to everything they collected during diligence.

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DealRoom’s M&A Deal Management Software creates value and enhances every phase of the transaction.

Duration: 1 month to 1 year

1. The Seller’s
Preparation Phase

seller's preparation phase

The Seller’s Preparation phase is when the seller makes the business look as appealing as possible to future buyers, so it can be sold for the maximum amount. During this phase potential buyers are identified, as well as a sales strategy. This is also when all information about the business is collected and placed into a VDR tool, such as DealRoom's deal tracking system, to be combed through by likely buyers. The VDR inside deal flow management tool makes initial data collection (often called staging) during this phase efficient and collaborative...

Duration: 1-2 months

2. The Seller’s
Marketing Phase

seller's marketing phase

During this phase, the seller contacts potential buyers to see who is interested, and if they are, the seller sends them a NDA. If the potential buyers decides to move forward, they sign the NDA and receive the confidential information memorandum. Teams using DealRoom deal flow management can actually export a premade NDA from the room and safely store other important information. Next, they send over a letter of intent that typically includes a purchase price and other required critical terms such as payment methods, exclusivity, etc. This phase is where competition may begin between interested buyers.

Duration: 1-3 months

3. The Buyer’s
Due Diligence Phase

due diligence stage

Once the seller has received offers from possible buyers, diligence begins. The buyers get granted access to the data room, like DealRoom, to thoroughly research the ins and outs of the company such as legal, financial, risk assessments, operations, human resources etc. With our deal flow management software, buyers can be invited into the room as their own “list” and can access, search, and request documents, as well as communicate, all within the platform. This phase is also when site vites and meetings with the management team occur.

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Duration: 1-2 months

4. Negotiation of
the Binding Agreement

negotiation phase

Up until this phase, the buyer and seller have agreed to the primary purchase terms such as price and payment method. After due diligence, the primary purchase terms are confirmed or revised, and negotiation on the binding agreement begins. However, this phase is often started during diligence if the parties are confident that the primary terms are good to go. The main document that the seller and buyer negotiate is called the Purchase and Sale Agreement. This agreement includes details like

  • The form of the transaction Inclusions and exclusions of the transaction
  • Methods and timing of payments
  • Purchase price adjustments, holdbacks and escrow.
  • Representations and warranties of the seller and buyer
  • And more

During this phase additional agreements may be required like non-competes, transitional service agreement, and employee contracts. All information and agreements can be securely shared, transferred, or simply stored within our deal flow management platform.

5. Signing &
Closing Phase or

signing and closing phase

The signing and closing phase of a M&A transaction begins when the contractual agreement is signed. In order for closing to officially happen, all precedents from the buyer and seller must be met. Examples of typical condition precedents include; shareholder, lender, stock exchange, and customer approval etc. These conditions can a week, or up to a few months to complete. Integration can begin once signing is complete, however, Integration planning should start taking place months before close. Teams using our deal flow management software can label tasks and requests for integration while completing diligence

6. Post merger
Integration Phase

post-merger integration phase

This phase is critical to a deal’s success, and maximizing its value. The buyer’s main focus is to merge the acquired company with its existing operations as smoothly as possible. However, sometimes the acquired business keeps its own branding and integrates solely for financial reporting. With DealRoom's deal flow management platform, the buyer can choose to keep the room open, and all information collected during diligence can be used to assist integration. Also, during this time the buyer needs to complete any follow-up necessary to ensure the seller present accurate information. And if not, determine the damages.

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Unparalleled Features of Deal Management System

deal management system
Managing more than one deal at a time? No problem.
Just because you are managing more than one project at a time, doesn’t mean it can’t be organized. Our deal tracking software pipeline management feature allows users to know the status of each transaction, and easily go back and forth between them. Teams always have a bird’s eye view of the progress, ability to add filters, see most recent activity, manage deal flow at every stage, and more.
More Features

M&A Transaction Management Process Made Simple with Deal Management System

When all your tasks and management is in one centralized deal tracking software, it’s easier to make sure nothing gets forgotten.
Safely Store and Organize Data

One of the main benefits of deal management is that everything is kept in one place, and even better, it is conveniently organized. This includes all necessary information, diligence documents, and internal company data. Also, our deal flow software supports any file type, so when we say we can store all your information, we mean it.

Delegate Tasks to Team Members

Teams can get organized from day one of a deal. Each task can have an assignee, reviewers, due date, priority status, and more. Users can filter tasks to see who is covering what, high priority items, and communicate with other users within seconds.

Eliminate Deal Management Inefficiencies

With deal flow software, you’ll no longer need to worry about Excel trackers, one-off emails, or version controls. Our project management software eliminates these common inefficiencies from your deal process. The deal management platform is updated in real time, allows for commenting, and enables all buyer requests to go through one software channel.

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