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Manage all your deals in one place with pipeline management tools

DealRoom facilitates multiple deals at different stages, to provide a complete progress report of your organization’s corporate development strategy.

Complete due diligence up 40% faster

When teams switch to using DealRoom, diligence process is no longer spread across multiple platforms like Excel, data room and emails.

Communicate on specific requests without leaving the platform

Eliminate the need to move between platforms and generate small efficiencies which add up over time to add considerable value to the overall efficiency of your due diligence.

Organize and manage diligence documents in one secure place

Documents can be easily organized according to your requirements while state of the art security means you never have to worry about data breaches.

Assign responsibilities and track deal progress

Make deal process transparent and be sure that everyone is accountable for achieving goals on time.

Complete all deal workflows on one platform

Keep everything organized and streamline workflows starting from the seller’s preparation, due diligence phase all the way through post-merger integration.

Communicate on platform and eliminate emails

The ability to keep all communication on the platform not only facilitates faster decision making but also enhances security, ensuring no confidential documents find their way out of the system.

Integrate with tools you already use

DealRoom can integrate with modern and useful M&A tools to further create a central hub for collaboration.

Complete, accessible and easy to use.

We are managing the diligence process of several M&A transactions. DealRoom allows the transfer of documents to multiple parties with the ability to individually set groups permission schedule. Further their analytics tab allows us to see who has been active, providing a little bit of visibility on the investors interest levels.

Wes Faulkenberry
Investment Banking Senior Associate

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