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Here’s How DealRoom's M&A Software Works
Consolidate Your M&A Process

Close More Efficient Deals With Global M&A Software

Close deals FASTER with more efficient and innovative M&A software. Based on Agile principles, we designed a mergers and acquisitions platform to help you do just that. 

Eliminate common deal inefficiencies while allowing teams to be connected more than ever before. Communicate and manage documents within one centralized M&A platform. Be better aware of important tasks and have a holistic view of your entire deal. 

Prevent transaction bottlenecks and enable practitioners to make better informed decisions with DealRoom.
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Of deals destroy shareholder value because of common deal inefficiencies and an overall lack of collaboration, DealRoom can help.

How Will an M&A Platform Benefit Your Process?

Here’s how using of DealRoom’s M&A Online Platform We’ll Improve Deal Processes
Collaborate and Manage Files Easily, All in One Secure Place

Collect and manage documents, securely share sensitive information and collaborate on what important tasks need to be completed in order to keep the deal moving forward all on one, centralized M&A software.

Automate Tasks, Assign Duties, and Track Due Dates

Never miss a deadline with project management capabilities. Our M&A platform lets you assign users on specific tasks. All work done in the platform is updated in real time, so never worry about version control again.

Streamline processes and Eliminate M&A Inefficiencies

Seamlessly transition between different transaction phases and stage information before going live. Enables practitioners to plan for integration throughout diligence with access to crucial analytics.

Secure Documents and Safely Transfer Files

Protect all files with file-level encryption; manage file, folder, document, and user permissions and access rights. Platform has 256 bit SSL encryption and strategically separated data centers providing high security.

Manage Multiple Deals Within the Platform

Work more effectively on multiple deals by easily opening new rooms. Our pricing options allow practitioners to open unlimited rooms and upload unlimited data so that they can focus on what’s best for the deal.

Simplify Reporting Without Compromising Value

Utilize analytics to make more informed deal decisions. Discover engagement buyers, which users viewed what documents and how often with advanced analytics. Also all information can be exported in seconds.

Close More Successful M&A Transactions with M&A CRM Platform

Complete a Thorough and Efficient Exploratory & Pre-Marketing Phase

Adopt diligence management software to eliminate risk and complete more efficient preliminary assessments.
Communicate and request important documents from clients in an organized way under request tab inside the M&A software. Files can then be organized and tracked within document section. Deal teams can also collaborate on creating the deal’s CIM, financial model and market strategy utilizing the platform’s M&A project management capabilities. 

All pre-marketing work can be completed within the platform and updated in real time, tracking what tasks have been completed and which ones remain in order to keep the transaction moving successfully toward due diligence.

exploratory phase
Easily Organize the Complex Due Diligence Phase
Complete due diligence on one fully integrated M&A platform, instead of across multiple disconnected channels such as Excel, other software and long email chains.

Request files and documents from other users in centralized M&A platform in order to quickly gain important information that keeps the deal moving forward. Upload any file type and quickly setup user groups, and set customizable permissions to increase security. Clearly define responsibilities to individual team members, promoting accountability within requests. 

Prevent duplicate due diligence work with smart documents suggest feature which allows to autofill similar requests. Finally, set notifications for as often as you want and stay informed.
Due Diligence phase
Produce Value Creation and a Successful M&A Integration
Don’t use outdated or inefficient M&A software tools, like Excel, when conducting post-deal integration. Our platform helps teams plan for post-merger integration along side diligence, which helps strategic planning and problem solving.

DealRoom’s M&A software and timeline feature allows practitioners to assign tasks vital to successful integration, follow important deadlines and due dates, and track dependencies with a holistic view on all responsibilities that need to be completed.

Teams can also use the information collected during diligence throughout the post-merger integration process. This helps goals align, strategies to be made early, and helps teams maximize deal value.
post-merger integration phase

Agile M&A Software Solutions that Increase Deal Collaboration and Flexibility

m&a platform advantages
Focus on creating an efficient process, all with one smart integrated M&A platform. Our M&A process software is customizable for all transaction types.
Say goodbye to scattered communications and unorganized document and file collection, no matter the number of deals the team is working on.

DealRoom was built using Agile principles, utilizing technology such as machine learning, smart search, and living linking to help prevent duplicate work, increase collaboration and close deals faster.
The DealRoom M&A Deal Platform Includes

Allows users to securely upload, share, and transfer any files.


Eliminates the need for Excel trackers by importing to m&a platform.


Measures buyer engagement and viewer trends with granular analytics.


M&A CRM integrates with Slack, Salesforce, and Office 365.

All-in-One Online M&A Platform Built to Increase Client Success

Drag and drop files upload

Effortlessly bulk upload documents, files, and folders to immediately start diligence. Auto-indexing keeps everything organized and easy to find.

Bulk Users Invite

Save time by bulk inviting new users to the room.

Live Link Documents

View similar requests or add new requests regarding open documents directly from the viewer.

Requests Import

Quickly import existing diligence request lists from Excel with the click of a button.

Documents Heat Map

Check on list activity with our visual requests heat map, and sort by views, views coverage, and time spent.


Track diligence progress, docs’ activity, investigate buyers’ engagement, and more with m&a process software reports.

Progress Tracking

Stay informed on the status of every request created in one convenient viewing page.

Due Diligence Lists

Organize diligence requests in one place to eliminate the need for Excel trackers, frequent meetings, and one off meetings.

Salesforce Integration

Effortlessly combine your M&A CRM and analytics with our Salesforce integration capability.

4-Level Files Permissions

Simply give folder and document permissions, pick from view, download, download original, and edit.

Machine Learning

Utilize machine learning that suggests answers and related files to prevent duplicate work and enable faster due diligence.

"Great mergers and acquisitions software! I have used a lot of virtual data room and M&A software companies in the past and DealRoom offers an extremely intuitive platform that is very easy to use. It has all the features our company would need in a data room provider at a very competitive price point."
Sidarth B.
Associate at Stout

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