Master Due Diligence Playbook

Utilize DealRoom’s playbooks to kick-start your due diligence review.

Create a Diligence Process that is Efficient for both Buyers and Sellers

Due diligence is an important part of any deal. It allows a buyer or investor to ask questions to learn about a company in order to evaluate a potential transaction or investment. Regardless of whether you are the buyer or seller, it is important to stay organized throughout the diligence process. Buyers need an efficient system to manage their requests and track seller responses.

Sellers need an effective way to manage their workflow to ensure they are providing timely and responsive answers to buyer questions. In order to create a smooth and efficient process for all parties, DealRoom has created template due diligence request lists. Sellers can use these templates to get ahead of the game by anticipating buyer requests and preparing a professional, well-organized data room. Buyers can save time and money by utilizing the templates to prepare their initial diligence requests.

Request Template

What categories of information are included in the due diligence playbook?

Though every deal and every diligence process is different, our templates are intended to cover typical topics and requests that are relevant in most transactions. Our templates include requests in categories such as legal; finance; commercial; human resources; intellectual property; information technology; environmental, health and safety; and tax.

Within each category, requests are further broken down into subcategories, including corporate organization, capital structure, material contracts, real estate, customers, suppliers, accounting, and more.









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