How Bayada upgraded their inorganic growth strategy using DealRoom

In this customer success story, Bayada shows the uniqueness of M&A in the non-profit space and how they've used DealRoom to overcome deal challenges.

About the Company

  • Trusted healthcare leader providing a range of clinical home care services for adults and children 
  • Since 1975, Bayada expanded to over 300 offices in 22 states and 8 countries 
  • Headquartered in Moorestown, NJ


Bayada decided to pursue inorganic growth as a way to extend its reach.

Their new focus on M&A involved searching for a platform to manage their pipeline, control diligence requests, and incorporate their cultural integration. 

As a nonprofit, integration is especially important. The two merging companies all have strong attachments to their missions and organizations.

Ensuring the teams feel motivated and excited about the changes is a huge factor in deal success. 

  • Wanted to make M&A an important part of their growth strategy to fulfill their mission of serving people
  • They were struggling to find a platform they felt proud to share with their targets
  • Issues with “spreadsheet madness” 
  • Platforms were either not intuitive or did not convey their brand correctly
  • Wanted a platform that incorporated cultural integration


DealRoom was able to offer Bayada a sleek interface that made onboarding easy.

An intuitive, modern interface allows for targets and external users to easily jump into the diligence process and respond to requests.

Permissions settings ensured Bayada has full control over their documents.

The pipeline management feature gives daily digests of deal-specific progress. 

  • DealRoom’s templates for due diligence, pipeline management, and integration allowed Bayada to have repeatable and scalable processes. 
  • Enjoyed the intuitive and sleek design of the platform. 
  • A daily digest of what’s coming across multiple deals keeps them on track


John noted that DealRoom

“helped to make the process transparent in terms of the team and the key players and being able to communicate to our board to ensure diligence was done properly and thoroughly”.

DealRoom helped Bayada develop and strengthen its inorganic growth strategy.

Using DealRoom to effectively manage their pipeline and deals means expanding their services to help a wider population across the globe. 

  • Diligence was 50% faster with DealRoom
  • DealRoom allows Bayada to take more control over its M&A strategy and apply its own methods to future deals. 
  • Scalable processes to modify and recycle for future deals 
  • Team members have a clear picture of tasks and therefore are given confidence in execution

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The instant win for us was no more spreadsheet madness with everyone exchanging status spreadsheets. It ends up creating situations where your lawyers think your team has done this, and your team thinks your lawyer has done that, like herding cats to get things done.
John Palusci
Division Director of Strategic Finance and Corporate Development at Bayada






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