How Emerson improved communication and collaboration during M&A with DealRoom

After adopting DealRoom, the Emerson deals team can operate in one living document, as opposed to having to manage several different lists and Excel spreadsheets that vary between teams.

About Emerson

  • Multinational corporation headquartered in Ferguson, Missouri 
  • Fortune 500 manufacturing company covering industrial, commercial, and consumer markets
  • Has acquired 65 companies, including 22 in the last 5 years


Emerson was struggling with a growing pipeline and traditional deal management tools were not facilitating growth.

It was hard for team members to stay aligned to the bigger picture when hours were being wasted on tracking endless diligence spreadsheets. Juggling multiple deals at once meant deal fatigue and redundancy. 

They wanted a better, more efficient way to communicate, store and share documents, and stay on target. 

  • Growing pipeline that traditional methods were not keeping up with 
  • Deal fatigue and hours tracking requests and updating spreadsheets
  • Data disorganization and lack of security
  • Communication was inefficient and created time loss and redundancy 


DealRoom’s prioritized backlog feature in the platform addressed the confusion surrounding highest priorities.

Emerson could move away from email communication. Consolidating everything into the platform helped ensure important questions and updates never get missed during diligence.

Progress was updated in real-time, and security measures ensured their data was safe and trackable. 

  • Request categories and organizational tools provide clear direction on what was done, what has to be done, and how it fits into the big picture
  • Project management features to help enhance communication 
  • Pipeline management shows overviews of deal progress and which categories need extra attention


DealRoom helped Emerson save time.

No more hours wasted following up on requests, backtracking through spreadsheets and email threads, or updating trackers.

Communication is clear and easy.

All of these tools combined ensure an efficient, streamlined process which means less time spent in trackers and more time spent on actual diligence. 

  • Able to operate out of one living platform
  • Effective communication that keeps the deal pushing forward 
  • Able to focus on strategy and determining the value of the deal
Emerson had the option to select any M&A technology in the world and selected DealRoom because it's the best!
Kison Patel
CEO and Founder of DealRoom




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