Software that Includes Deal Trackers, Deal Flow and Pipeline Management

Deal flow management software equips teams with tools to fast track transactions, manage their sales pipeline, and keep decision makers informed

Deal Flow Software

All Inclusive Deal Flow Software

Stay on Top of Deal Flow Management

The “Progress” section in the “Requests” tab gives users an overview of all the requests within the room. This section includes a progress status bar chart, along with a complete list of all requests, and highlights all overdue requests. The complete list can be filtered through by role, status, priority, label, and more.

Simultaneously Manage Multiple Transactions and Your Sales Process

If a team is managing more than one transaction with DealRoom, users can simply switch between transactions with the click of a button. Our deal flow management software acts as a deal’s CRM. It allows users to see an overview of each transaction from the “Dashboard” view. If a team has an unlimited plan, they can spin up another room whenever a new transaction starts. Simply, copy the format of a room and paste it into a new one.

Set Dependencies for Different Stages

Users can create customizable cross-stream dependencies within the dealflow software. This helps teams accurately follow the timeline, work on the proper stages, and prevent getting pulled apart in too many directions. For example, teams can create dependencies for due diligence tasks. This forces them to complete specific diligence requests before working on additional ones.

Communicate with Team Members During Deal Tracking

Within each request, users can add comments and create a comment thread. For example, if someone has a question about a document uploaded to a diligence request, they can simply ask the question within the request. This prevents having to switch back and forth between email, a virtual data room, and Excel. Depending on the room’s permissions, comments can be kept private until they are approved.

Export Deal Flow Documents to a Live-Linking PDF

All the documents and files in a room can be exported into a downloadable Excel sheet or site map PDF. Additionally, the site map PDF is live-linking. When users click on any file in the PDF, it goes to that file’s location in the deal flow management tool. The site map also follows the room’s structure, which makes it easier to find documents and files.

Access Help and Ask Questions 24/7

We understand that not everything always goes as planned, especially during an M&A transaction. There is 24/7 customer support available via live chat, phone, or email, to assist users with any questions they may have. We also have a library of help guide videos, screenshots, and FAQs available within the room and on our website.

Deal Tracking

Rethink Deal Tracking and Due Diligence with the “Requests” Tab

Our “Requests” tab is what makes us different. These features have the ability to reinvent teams’ transaction tracking processes by completely eliminating the need for Excel trackers.

All diligence requests, activity trackers, documents, and files, can be managed on the deal tracking app in real time. This prevents version control issues, disorganization, and duplicate work.

Generate Clarity with Deal Pipeline Management Features

M&A transactions are intricate and involve a lot of moving parts. Deal pipeline management helps teams track transactions online, know what are coming up, and stay on top of approaching deadlines.

DealRoom’s pipeline management features are customizable, and include detailed metadata information.

due diligence collaboration
Deal Flow Analytics

Gain a Competitive Edge and Track Deals Online with the “Analytics” Tab

The “Analytics” tab in our deal flow management tool includes data regarding requests overview, requests progress, requests activity, top active users, document activity, and the audit log.

Each section within this tab can be filtered by date range, groups, lists, priority, and statues. They also include easy to read charts and tables, and everything is exportable into PDF or Excel reports.

Effortlessly Set File, Request, and Other Permissions with Our Deal Flow Software

Once a room in deal flow software is up and running, it is important to know, and possibly adjust, who has access to what. Within the “Groups” tab, admins can set file, request, and additional permissions.

There are four levels of file permissions including view with a watermark, download with a watermark, download original, and edit. Permissions are set on a group level and can be adjusted by admins at any time.

Deal Flow Permissions

Effortlessly Integrate Your Favorite Tools in Deal Flow Management

We may be experts in our field, but we understand that there are additional tools, like an M&A CRM, that are vital to a business. DealRoom’s deal flow software integrates with all your favorite tools including Slack, Salesforce, and Office365, and more. Let us know if we are missing an integration you need, we are always adding new ones!

Deal Tracking System, Deal Flow Management, and VDR Features

Drag & Drop

Upload bulk items, rearrange the data index, and move files into different folders, all within seconds.

Version control

Automatically view the most updated document version with live-linking documents.

Full Text Search

Quickly find the files or documents you need by searching for specific keywords or phrases.

Live Link Documents

Access related requests, or add new requests to a document directly from the viewer.

Request Labels

Add custom labels, such as diligence or integration, to each request for additional organization.

Due Diligence Processing

Manage due diligence requests, documents, communication and updates all on the deal flow management system.

Progress Tracking

Have a bird’s-eye view of every requests’ progress, (organized by category) and check in on overdue requests.

Pipeline Management

Host multiple projects within the deal flow software, without compromising organization, and access each one on a customizable dashboard.

Post-Merger Integration Execution

Reuse all data and critical information collected during due diligence to assist with post-close success.

Premade Templates

Save time populating your room using DealRoom’s free, downloadable templates.

"Easy to understand and use. The features are intuitive so no real learning curve. No issues logging in and have not experienced any crashes or similar service interruption. Great deal flow management platform for performing diligence with respect to potential company acquisitions."
David B., Partner

All-Inclusive Pricing

DealRoom’s deal tracking website has pricing plans available for teams and projects of all sizes. Many of our plans offer unlimited projects, admins, and guest accounts.

Every plan does include project management features, diligence/integration features, data room features, deal pipeline management, and deal flow pipeline tracking.

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Deal Flow Management Software


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