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At DealRoom, our goal is to help corporate development teams streamline and manage their workflows in a structured way. Whether a team is preparing for a financial audit, conducting an M&A transaction, or fundraising, our software can help.

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A Corporate Development Software that Empowers Teams to Make the Right Decision

Due to the fact that companies rely on corporate development teams for strategic decision making such as M&A, those teams need to be given the proper tools to help them make the right decisions 100% of the time. Teams can be tasked with multiple responsibilities at once such as fundraising/IPOs, financial audits, M&A, document repository etc.

How do they keep it all organized and prevent information chaos? Corporate development software, like DealRoom, helps teams paint a clear picture of multiple tasks in a structured and visual way. Teams can always know what’s coming down the pipeline, stay on top of due dates, share information, and collaborate with other users. We enable individuals to act swiftly, provide third-parties with necessary information, and store data in a secure place. Best of all, the platform captures insightful data that can assist with making educated and strategic choices.
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Corp Dev teams with over one hundred individuals use DealRoom to manage projects and collaborate


We have customers using DealRoom to manage over fifty projects at a time


In total transaction value run on DealRoom’s diligence management platform

Benefits of DealRoom’s Corporate Development Software

When tasked with important strategic decision making, corporate development teams trust DealRoom to help them get the job done from day one to close.
Team Collaboration

Due to the software’s features such as commenting, assigning, reviewing, file transfering etc. collaboration has never been easier.

Safe Data Storage

DealRoom is a 100% secure location to store and share financial documents, human resources information and intellectual property with third parties.

Deal Management

With our platform, you can go back-and-forth between multiple deals quickly, and easily stay on top of critical deadlines.

Tailored Training

Whether your team is comprised of 5 or 50, we tailor our training to make sure every user knows how to use the full-functionality of our software.

Customizable Filters

Set customizable filters to quickly be informed on project information such as date created, deal lead, last activity, and more.

Internal Team Management

Users can spin up seperate rooms for tasks and requests (not related to specific projects) for internal organization and management.

Finally, a Software Solution for Corporate Development

The ability to stay organized and effectively manage multiple projects is critical when you are in charge of strategic growth decisions. Corporate development teams need to be able to constantly stay in the loop with ongoing growth and restructuring efforts. Check out how DealRoom’s corporate development software keeps teams organized and focused.

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Innovative M&A Platform that Speeds up Your Process

At DealRoom, we are committed to equip your corporate development team with the right tools to get projects across the finish line swiftly and efficiently. We equip teams with innovative software that enables strategic planning and decision making. Does an unorganized process, risky file sharing, going back and forth between platforms, and lack of control sound a little too familiar? DealRoom solves these corporate development software struggles and more.
Unorganized Process

Numerous projects? No problem. With our pipeline management, teams have an organized bird’s-eye view of everything in the works.

Risky File Sharing

Sharing confidential information? With DealRoom, teams can rest assured that all documents and files shared within the platform are secure.

Multiple Software Platforms

Tired of switching back and forth between software? Now, your file sharing, data storage, pipeline management, communication, can all be on one platform.

Lack on Control

Never worry about user permissions and access control again. Users can choose from four simple permissions to decide who can see what with a click of a button.

"What has stuck out most to me is the responsiveness and overall care the DealRoom team has shown in addressing any issues or concerns as they may arise. We have even requested extra functionality / capabilities and the team has responded by building these out where possible."
Alex A. | Senior Analyst
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