What is M&A Project Management Software?

Project Management Software Designed for M&A

Agile project management technology
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Before defining M&A project management software, we should look at the meaning of project management.

Project management is the planning, organizing, and managing the effort to accomplish a successful project.

Why does project management matter in M&A?

In any deal, whether buy-side or sell-side, or if it involves an investment bank, private equity firm, or corporate development business, there are a lot of necessary steps to take.

There are many hands involved, confidential information shared, and hard decisions to make.

You need to be able to know what stage the deal is in at any time, while also being able to see the big picture and end goals.

Until recently, the M&A due diligence process required long email threads, a virtual data room, Excel trackers being passed around, and other tedious activities.

But not anymore.

This is where M&A project management software steps in.

M&A project management software includes the tools and techniques required to complete a successful deal.

It is designed specifically to fix the inefficiencies commonly seen in due diligence.

M&A Project Management Software includes the following features:

• File Sharing

• Data Export

• Custom Reporting

• Real Time Analytics

• Requests and Task Management

• Custom Permissions

• Full Text Search

• Live-Link Documents

• Drag-and-Drop Upload

• Visual Request Lists

• Progress Tracking

• Request Import

• Notifications

• Labels

• Trend Analysis and Forecasting

• Follows an Agile Methodology

• Assignee and Reviewer Options

• Comment Capability

• Virtual Data Room

The above list is not just fancy features, but a list of new techniques that is changing the way due diligence is done.

Advantages of M&A Project Management Software

due diligence management software analytics

Not only does M&A project management software eliminate the need for tedious tasks such as excel trackers and long email threads, it can help complete due diligence up to 40% faster.

One of the biggest problems during due diligence is that individuals are forced to used software and platforms not designed for M&A.

For example, virtual data rooms makes sense as a place to collect, host, and share files and documents, but that is where their capabilities end.

This leaves team members having to use other platforms to complete diligence.

If that seems illogical, that’s because it is.

Software designed for M&A provides a central location to manage resources, tasks, requests, deadlines, projects, and communication.

Updates are made in real-time, so you can easily share the most up to date information.

Since all the information is centralized, it allows users to run detailed analytics reports.

This also lets you identify bottlenecks early, giving users a competitive advantage.

Last, M&A project management software, like DealRoom, say users thousands of dollars.

Instead of paying per page for necessary data room functions, project management software has a data room in it, and only charge a flat-rate.

Kison Patel

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