September 4, 2023

Improved Pipeline Permissions: The Ultimate Control Center for Your Deal Pipeline

Your pipeline likely has 100s of potential targets, making the management of who sees what overwhelming, which can lead to an increased risk of document falling into the wrong hands.

Our newest upgrade of pipeline permissions solves this. This feature allows you to set criteria-based access to your deals for different departments, managers, leadership teams or other stakeholders, automating the permission allocation process and ensuring that only the right eyes see sensitive information.

Whether you're segmenting by deal phase, country, deal type or your own criteria, you're in control.

Below are a few highlights of how our upgraded pipeline permissions enhance both security and workflow efficiency.

Criteria-based access control

No more manual slog to allocate users to specific projects. Set your own criteria (eg. "company HQ, country,deal phase..) and the system automatically grants access to all relevant projects.

access control in DealRoom

For instance, if you allocate a user to "France," they automatically gain access to all projects related to France, regardless of the project phase.

Role-specific visibility

Ensure that team members only see the deals relevant to their role, making it easier to focus on what matters.

role-specific visibility

For example, HR department members will only see deals that meet the criteria set for the HR permission set.

"We wanted team members to only see the room they are in and the corresponding deal details on the pipeline, without seeing the entire pipeline. The new permissions saved us hours of having to manually grant permissions to all individual members."

Flexible deal data editing

Members within each permission set can edit deals' metadata according to the criteria they have, streamlining the data management process.

If a group is allocated to the "Security" area of work, they can only select the "Security" value when editing deal's data.

Individual & group-wide access

Whether you need to grant access to a single project or multiple projects based on custom fields, our refined pipeline permissions have got you covered. You can still allocate a user to a single project, like an IT manager having access only to Project XYZ.

"The permissions allowed us to allocate pipeline users to projects based on deal phases, without burdening admins with repetitive, manual tasks."

Ready to take control of your deal pipeline?

If you're not yet a DealRoom user and you're intrigued by how our upgraded pipeline permissions can revolutionize your deal management, we invite you to schedule a demo with us.

Already a DealRoom user? Fantastic! You can dive right into using Pipeline Permissions v2 by checking out our step-by-step guide on how to set up and make the most of this game-changing feature.