The Future of M&A Analytics

The Future of Analytics on Buyer Behavior in M&A

Imagine a world where analytics can not only make work more efficient, but can also make banks smarter by providing data to help better understand buyer behavior. This can soon be a reality thanks to DealRoom’s unique project management software and some forward thinking.

We already know DealRoom provides value to M&A stakeholders by promoting a more intelligent way of working and organizing information, but its potential does not end there. In fact, DealRoom has data that could potentially be extracted to help banks analyze buyer behavior better than their competitors.

How can DealRoom change the future of analytics on buyer behavior and better serve banks?

DealRoom’s data story is unique

DealRoom data analytics

The analytics drawn out of one of DealRoom’s data rooms are noteworthy because they provide a complete story of everyone personally touched by the specific M&A deal. If banks had the ability to access this data, their analysts could be more efficient. Designating three or four workers to manually extract or track data, can easily lead to human error, resulting in lost data, and, consequently, and lost money. 

DealRoom has the potential to work with banks’ M&A teams to keep track of small, yet valuable, pieces of information. For instance, what was the multiple at the announcement? What was the true forward multiple? How many times has a particular sponsor participated in the bank’s process? 

Finally, the data could be viewed from multiple perspectives, including the sector view and the sponsor view.

Data can easily be extracted and plugged into a CRM m&A platform

At the conclusion of a deal, there are anywhere from 100-200 people in the data room; DealRoom automates the process of putting these contacts into M&A CRM and then puts the contacts into a distribution list for the deal announcement. The benefit of this is new leads are automatically created, and the process of generating new business is begun in an effortless way.

Banks want to look at data in multiple ways, from sector views to sponsor views to many other angles in between. The data captured in DealRoom's m&a crm could give banks the power to unlock these views, see patterns and then anticipate and better comprehend buyer behavior.

With this in mind, the future of DealRoom’s technology, and more specifically, how it is used, could have the power to change the M&A game for banks, perhaps even for all stakeholders.

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