How Momentum used DealRoom to approach due diligence as an M&A newcomer

I would definitely recommend DealRoom to anybody in a similar position as I was - those who are not as familiar with M&A. Having a tool to manage and guide through the process has made it much easier than otherwise. I can’t stress enough how intuitive the program is. It provides a robust skeleton of the due diligence process and I am confident it saved hours of time and frustration.
Becky Hansen
Chief Strategy Officer at Momentum

About the Company

  • Founded in 1945 by a group of parents and volunteers in Los Angeles dedicated to providing resources and services
  • Grew into what it is today: the largest nonprofit provider of direct-care services for adults in Southern California
  • Has over 30 program and service sites providing a variety of individualized resources


Momentum approached DealRoom as their Chief Strategy Officer was thrown into a deal. With no deal team and no prior experience, she wanted to avoid using spreadsheets at all costs to manage the diligence phase. 

Also, she wanted tools to help guide her through the process as much as possible. She also wanted increased security as she knew comprising data would be shared during the diligence process. 

  • Had no deal team and little prior experience
  • Struggling with the unique challenges of a non-profit merger
  • Limited budget for software 
  • Concerns about data security 


DealRoom’s Due Diligence Template helped build the process for Momentum.

She was able to ease through diligence and use reporting tools to update her board. Any template items not related to her nonprofit organization were easily deleted or modified. Now, she has a repeatable and scalable framework.

  • Due diligence template provides a roadmap to ensure no stone is left unturned
  • Progress overviews and reports help make it easy to generate presentations for board meetings 
  • Permissions control help admins directly control and track who is interacting with documents
  • Cost-effective plans 


DealRoom helped give Momentum confidence to work through the complicated process of a nonprofit merger.

Momentum reported saving time and stress with the buildable template.

Data security was present throughout the whole process, and the permissions settings allowed for documents to be seen only by necessary parties and no one else.  

  • 75% time savings using DealRoom
  • Able to save time and stress using DealRoom’s due diligence template
  • Data security could be proven to their board and target
  • The emotional aspects and fears associated with deals were greatly reduced due to clear and consistent communication regarding requests.


Consulting & Professional Services

Company Size

501-5,000 Employees


United States, California

Product Solution

Developmental Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, Health Services, Human Services, Property Management, Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

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