How Duff & Phelps boosted their due diligence process with DealRoom

20-40% of due diligence requests never get reviewed...what does this mean? Well, that they were not that important to begin with. Of course, throughout diligence, it is okay to ask questions, but being able to prioritize and manage them digitally is essential. DealRoom allows stakeholders to do this.
Jordan Lampos
Jordan Lampos, Director of Los Angeles Healthcare Investment Banking Group

About the Company

  • Founded in 1932 has been operating for nearly 100 years
  • A powerhouse of global advisors for M&A based in New York City
  • Offer valuation services, corporate finance, and risk management


Duff & Phelp’s decades of M&A experience made them a perfect client for DealRoom.

The pain points centered around disjointed communication. Their inboxes were filled with email treads containing deal updates, documents, and spreadsheets.

They struggled with organizing and sharing critical deal data. They wanted to eliminate unnecessary errors and inefficiencies during key parts of their M&A lifecycle. 

  • Issues around communicating effectively
  • Struggled with organizing and sharing critical data 
  • Wanted a virtual data room that provided more than just secure data storage


Duff&Phelps approached DealRoom at an early stage. They helped provide early, critical feedback to help the platform become the best at addressing M&A pain points.

They saw value in DealRoom’s marriage between a secure virtual data room and project management and communication platform. 

They saw how easy the onboarding process would be, and understood the value of that during busy deal seasons.

The transparency allows leadership and teams to stay in the know about deal progress, which keeps everyone focused and on track. 

  • Duff&Phelps approached DealRoom at an early stage and provided critical feedback
  • Saw the value in combining a virtual data room with a project management tool 
  • Easy to set up and intuitive platform meant more precious time focused on the deal season and less time spent on onboarding 
  • Transparency allows leadership and teams to stay in the know about deal progress


Duff&Phelps had their deal fatigue greatly reduced.

Their teams stayed prioritized and didn’t have to spend hours updating Excel trackers.

Their team members, leaders, and external stakeholders no longer have to wait for information or progress reports. 

  • Deal fatigue was greatly reduced 
  • Deals closed 40% faster
  • Teams stayed prioritized and focused on what will make the deal succeed
  • Team members, lawyers, and financial advisors no longer had to wait around for information 
  • Deals could be closed faster


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