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"Pick a plan. Stick to it. If things start breaking, do your best to continue to take off the runway. As long as you haven't still burnt out your engines you can still pull off and you fix the problems as you go along."

On this episode

Business development consultant, Judah Karkowsky, shares his knowledge on cultural integration, preliminary due diligence surprises, international diligence, and data protection.

Previously, an investment banker at Credit Suisse, Karkowsky later moved into consulting in the education and technology industry. He currently leads strategic development for an educational publisher, including corporate development M&A and partnerships.

In this podcast, Karkowsky focuses on his recent work involving buy side deals, diligence integration, and success management.


Show Notes

00:00 Intro

00:40 Judah’s Background

02:25 Buy-Side Due Diligence Approach

04:35 How to Assess Culture Fit

09:20 Top Due Diligence Issues that Make You Question the Deal

11:10 Additional Surprises that Pop Up During Due Diligence

15:20 Parts of Due Diligence to Outsource

18:10 International Deal Hurdles

21:00 Approach to Integration and Strategies

26:00 How to Communicate with the Integrating Company

35:55 What can Go Wrong During Integration

38:55 Surprises During Integration

41:10 Integration Data Handling

46:10 Career Advice

48:45 Craziest Thing Judah’s Seen

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