How to Enable and Maintain High-Performance Deal Teams

The Secret to Creating High-Performance Teams for Stronger Deal Outcomes

An M&A Science Podcast

Hosted by Kison Patel

“If you watch high-performing teams, you’ll notice that these are groups of people who are together because they want to be; they are working with the people they want to work with, they’re working on the projects they want to work on and they are working in the way in which they want to.”

On this Episode

Harvard instructor, author and speaker,  Richard Kasperowski, discusses how to build and maintain high-performing teams in any industry. Richard explores the characteristics of effective teams, such as emotional intelligence and psychological safety, along with the foundational skills, such as regular communication and retrospectives, that create effective teams in any industry. Richard discusses the studies and research behind these theories as well as the best ways to approach implementation.

This episode also covers how creating performant deal teams can maximize value post-close and enable continued success.


Show Notes

0:00 Introduction

2:35 How Certain Team Characteristics Correlate with Highest Performance

4:08 Explaining Psychological Safety and Team Emotional Intelligence

6:41 Improving Team Performance Using the Core Protocols

9:59 The Importance of Having the Ability to Opt In/Opt Out of Projects

12:30 Should You Force Help or Wait to Be Asked For It?

16:48 Explaining Agile Software Development and Scrum

20:16 Important Values of Agile Software Development 

22:09 Why Talking Regularly About Projects Is Good for Productivity 

24:15 How to Implement Agile into a Company

26:14 The Value of Retrospectives For Teams/Companies

28:17 Different Ways of Making Transformations

31:00 A Story of Slowly Implementing Scrum Into a Company

34:22 How Agile Is Used In Different Types of Teams

36:20 Sharing Feelings and Why It Helps with Team Building

38:19 Examples of Differences and Improvements After Implementing Agile

41:14 Ending Credits

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