DealRoom is a due diligence management platform that integrates a secure, full-featured data room with intuitive analytic dashboards and powerful project management and communication tools, accelerating due diligence by 30 to 40%.

DealRoom was developed to reduce the complexities of M&A due diligence and make the process more efficient.

Avoid Wasting Time in Spreadsheets with Visual Request Lists

Get rid of version control. Have up-to-date request lists without circulating Excel files. Automatically add your current request trackers to DealRoom. No extra work needed.

Prevent Blowouts with Actionable Analytics

DealRoom’s analytics use special KPIs to predict deal concerns by tracking risk and value deliverables. Know what each party wants to talk about and come prepared to every conference call.

Take the Pain Out of Post-Closing Integration

Create open communication channels between functions and workstreams. Use data created in due diligence to save hundreds of hours in post-closing.

Give Your Clients Uncommon Insight

Impress clients with accurate and timely suggestions. Our analytics track the most valuable activities in M&A. Activities other data rooms simply can’t see.

More Security than Old Fashioned Virtual Data Rooms

Hackers love using your Excel files and inbox to steal valuable IP and customer info. With DealRoom, keep sensitive data safely inside the room and up-to-date.


DealRoom revolutionizes M&A to the same degree that virtual data rooms did 20 years ago…

DealRoom makes M&A easy for:


A Better Way to Manage M&A Due Diligence

While many industries have enjoyed a whirlwind of 21st century productivity improvements,       M&A professionals are still waiting.

They struggle with their current data room provider, managing due diligence projects using unruly Excel files while copying and pasting into countless emails. Their overpriced virtual data rooms don’t communicate with spreadsheet trackers, and offer little more than their physical predecessors.

What’s the status of your project right now?

Your data room can't tell you. But DealRoom can.

Do Diligence. Faster.

DealRoom’s secure, cloud-based M&A diligence management platform replaces overpriced data rooms, email clutter and manual spreadsheet trackers.

Better Than Spreadsheets

No more manually hunting for request numbers in a spreadsheet. Our data room links documents directly to requests, end version control headaches.

End Email Assaults

Requests can be timed and grouped together, reducing message overload, stress and deal fatigue.

Know Right Now

Actionable analytic dashboards mean team leaders have instant visibility into project status and team activity. Know what concerns are before the call. Respond to concerns faster. Address bottlenecks sooner.

Built-In Smarts

Equipped with machine learning, DealRoom learns what users are looking for, offering suggestions and instantly presenting previous responses as selectable text.  Human error is minimized. Repetitive tasks are reduced.

More Security Than Today’s Online Data Rooms

Keep sensitive documents out of emails and away from hackers. Track all requests in an encrypted data room instead of an insecure .xlsx. Achieve industry leading compliance with SEC and FINRA, plus options for HIPPA and ITAR compliance.

Linked Documents and Managed Communications

Sharing Excel trackers by email is easy, but not very secure. DealRoom links documents to requests and messages. Choose daily message summaries, instant notifications or something in between. No email required.

Smart Permissions and Audit Trail Funtionality

You’re always in control of who has access. Create one type of access for M&A buyers, another for attorneys. Duplicate settings for easy VDR setup. Comprehensive audit functionality means admins know who accessed what when.

Completely Compliant Secure VDR Access

DealRoom meets or exceeds regulatory rules for data rooms. 256-bit AES encryption and fully SEC and FINRA compliant. We’re also setup for HIPPA and ITAR for healthcare and defense companies. 

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