Agile M&A: Smarter. Faster. Affordable.

Why Manage M&A the Same Way You Did 20 Years Ago?

A multi-party project management system reduces work, tracks progress and provides analytics so that you can detect problems before they become issues.

DealRoom is 40% faster and 50% cheaper than the traditional way to manage M&A.

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We’re disrupting the industry with our Agile M&A platform. The process adapts to surprises, changes and complexity.


Finish your due diligence process up to 40% faster with our smart system. Save time and focus on what’s important.   


Our flat-rate, transparent pricing is 50% less than the competition. There are no surprise charges.

 Features of DealRoom

By eliminating the tedious, manual operations and inefficient communication that typically plagues M&A diligence and integration, teams can focus on the kind of high-value activity that really moves the needle.

Project Analytics

Track activities and monitor the process.

Request Tickets

Set reviewers, automate follow-ups and get answers. 

Audit Trail and Simple Permissions

Log all user activity and control document access. 

Shared Space

Work like you’re in the same office as your advisor.  

Live-Link Documents

Never search through indexes to find an answer.  


Integrates with Salesforce, Slack, compliance archive systems, and API access.

Smarter Tagging

Eliminate manual index number referencing.

Import Requests

Reuse Excel diligence templates in seconds. 

Visual Request Lists

Live tracking, less email and more secure.  

Smart Request Analytics

Track activities and catch concerns early. 

Instant Recall

Eliminate and answer duplicate requests in 1-click.  

FINRA/SEC Compliant

FINCA/SEC compliant and integrates with compliance archive systems.  

Full Lifecycle Deal Management Software

  • Integrates with Salesforce, Slack, compliance archive systems, and API access.
  • Data storage, diligence/integration tracking, and communication tools all in one platform
  • Make important documents easily accessible for team members
  • Conclude due diligence quicker by worker collaboratively and have access to real time progress
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Why DealRoom?

Simplified Process

Eliminate Work

Increased Collaboration

Focused Analytics

“1) Pricing is month-to-month and fair (vs. by page). 2) Machine learning: The platform also has machine learning to allow you to quickly answer multiple requests lists from different parties. 3) Project management capabilities not available on any other platform. 4) Extremely easy to learn. (e.g. drag and drop, objects are where you would expect them to be, great customer service)”

– Curtis Chu, Auxo Investment Partners

DealRoom has saved our team time and allowed our client to comfortably use a secure data room without having trouble understanding the platform. The ability to create and adjust the index of folders in an easy, efficient manner is especially helpful. Also, setting permissions and understanding who has access to certain folders and files is very transparent which limits stress levels when uploading sensitive documents.”

– Tyler Howard, Stout

“What has stuck out most to me is the responsiveness and overall care the DealRoom team has shown in addressing any issues or concerns as they may arise.We have even requested extra functionality / capabilities and the team has responded by building these out where possible. I have really enjoyed working with the team and would definitely recommend.”

– Alex Amato, Robert W. Baird

Your competitors are executing 40% faster diligence than you are, while saving their clients 50% of the cost by using DealRoom.

How do they do it? Request a free trial to find out.


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